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Poll Watch: Support for Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan Slips – ONLY 42 Per Cent Support


There was no bipartisan support yesterday when President Barack Obama’s Economic Stimulus Bill HR 1 passed the House with NO Republican votes.

Now, support from the American public is also falling.

Public support for the economic recovery plan crafted by President Obama and congressional Democrats has slipped a bit over the past week. At the same time, expectations that the plan will quickly become law have increased.

Forty-two percent (42%) of the nation’s likely voters now support the president’s plan, roughly one-third of which is tax cuts with the rest new government spending. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 39% are opposed to it and 19% are undecided. Liberal voters overwhelmingly support the plan while conservatives are strongly opposed.

Last week, support for the President’s plan was at 45% and opposition at 34%.

As they consider the size and scope of the $800-billion-plus economic recovery plan, 46% are worried that the government will end up doing too much while 42% worry that it will do too little.

As the U.S. Senate takes up the debate next week, there will be further examination of this pork-laden crap sandwich of a bill.

Flap bets there will be a goodly number of GOP amendments cutting spending and increasing tax cuts in the final bill. If not, the GOP Senate leadership will filibuster the bill – with American voter support.

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  • LM

    I suggest everyone rack up as much debt as possible and quit making payments. This will get you in on the bailouts. The bailouts going to financial institutions that gave loans to people that should not have had loans is now being used for bonuses. The ceo and the board of directors should be stripped of everything they own and be sent to jail. At some point the large accumulation of debt needs to be seen as a national security issue. This should justifiy that some of the people bent on destroying the companies they run could be charged with treason. This will not happen because it seems as if the right people have been bought and paid for. We are witnessing the demise of our economy and our leaders are watching and encouraging it to happen. The porn industry asking for a bailout shows how stupid this has become.

  • martymar

    The election was in November. The prez and the democratic house and senate telegraphed well in advance that they would be spending massive amounts to staunch unemployment and declining business activity. One person’s job creation is another person’s pork. Stop whinning and move on. How we move forward has been decided.

  • Flap

    Oh yes we know – Obama reminded us he won.

    So much for bipartisanship.

    If the Dems want to ram rod this through the Congress, they will need 60 votes in the Senate which means some Republicans voting yes..

  • s.mattos-independent

    Federally Directed Recovery

    What we need is Federally Directed Recovery not special interests programs that are not going to stimulate the immediate growth of the country. Are democrats trying to take advantage of the current situation in the congress to pass their favorite programs? They are in a unique position to do the better thing and set aside partisan politics and yet here they are exploiting their majority in the house to get all the legislation they have tried to push through in the past done, before the cow’s milk runs dry, so to speak.
    FDR was faced with 25% unemployment and a failing bank system. The government’s attitude toward the financial industry was similar before the crash as it has been in the previous administration. I agree with the republican stance that a stimulus package should be timely targeted and temporary but, I can see the only way out of this mess is thru a government investment program in America. If it worked in FDR’s time would it not work now? We could upgrade our mass transit system, improve transportation and network capabilities nation wide. Job’s in infrastructure and reforming investing practices or whatever the idea of what needs to be done it must be done in a bi-partisan manner.
    The democrats are mistaken if they think the current swing toward Democratic candidates, last election, was a mandate for them to do business as usual it, was a vote for change, not a vote for same. The election of Obama was a vote against the partisanship of the democratic side as much as it was against the partisanship of the republican side. If they (democrat’s) don’t do what’s right for America now they are going to feel it next time congress goes’ up for election. Do we have to vote for an independent candidate to get any real reform in the government? Let’s face it there would be a lot less baggage.
    Steve Mattos, (Independent)