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Day By Day 021509

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Speaking about twittering, Flap is now live blogging the California State Budget stalmate in Sacramento.

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  • Irvine-basesd Assemblyman Chuck DeVore gave his own party’s leadership an ultimatum: if you support the $14 billion in new taxes and $10 billion in new borrowing and you must resign.

    L.A. radio station KFI reported that the “leaked” e-mail was sent Friday morning from DeVore to Republican Assembly Leader Mike Villines. This morning DeVore confirmed it for us. He essentially told Villines the proposed budget deal is a disaster, and that Villines should resign his leadership position if he intends to support it:
    There will be a mass revolt in the CA GOP should the budget deal pass.

  • The field of potential Republican votes for the budget compromise in the Senate — widely viewed as the most challenging caucus to corral support — has narrowed so significantly that only three members have yet to throw cold water on the tentative deal.

    That happens to be the bare minimum of Republican votes needed to pass the $40 billion-plus budget plan.

    Those three are Senate Republican leader Dave Cogdill, Sen. Dave Cox of Fair Oaks and Sen. Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield.

  • The average Californian's taxes would shoot up five different ways in the state budget blueprint that lawmakers hope to vote on this weekend. But the bipartisan plan for wiping out the state's giant deficit isn't so bad for large corporations, many of which would receive a permanent windfall.

    About $1 billion in corporate tax breaks — directed mostly at multi-state and multinational companies — is tucked into the proposal. Opponents say the breaks will do nothing to create jobs, and the Legislature has rejected such moves repeatedly in the past. But now, to secure enough Republican votes to pass a budget that would raise taxes on everyone else, the Legislature is poised to write them into law with no public hearings at a time when the state treasury is almost out of cash.
    A BS compromise that should be defeated by the GOP

  • Five Republicans — Sens. Olympia J. Snowe and Susan M. Collins of Maine, John H. Chafee of Rhode Island, James M. Jeffords of Vermont and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania — voted to acquit on both articles of impeachment
    The trio betrayed the GOP on Obama's economic stimulus plan and in 1999 on Clinton. Why do they remain in the GOP. Just switch and become Dems.

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