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Obama Mocks National Tax Day Tea Parties

So, says Kos.

Those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I’m not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around, let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we’re going to stabilize Social Security — Claire and I are working dilligently to do a thorough audit of Federal spending — but let’s not play games and pretend that the reason is because of the Recovery Act.

No, the Tea Pary folks KNOW what you and the Democrat dominated Congress will do – RAISE taxes.

Ignore the protests at your own peril.

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16 thoughts on “Obama Mocks National Tax Day Tea Parties

  1. I saw this and was offended by his mocking tone and arrogance. It’s not the first time Obama has shown this type of condescension towards Americans he disagrees with.

    He made fun of Joe the plumber on the campaign trail as well. I must add, I’m not a big fan of Joe the plumber, but he IS an American and those that gathered at the tea parties are Americans as well.

    Obama can disagree with them, but he is supposed to represent ALL Americans. Not just those that agree with him and support him.

    He reminds me of an egotistical frat boy showing off in front of his buddies. He needs to get some class.

  2. Reply to David King: Perhaps haughty condescension is a better term than mocking. Do you see it now?

  3. June 23rd
    Just came upon your site. For those organizing tea Parties-keep up the good work. If people really paid attention to this man’s words and read between the lines….If they really knew his backround…Obama and others like him are trying to tell us HOW we should live our lives. We must sacifrice, give to others, pinch our money………..
    OUR county has sacifriced with the lives of our beautiful young men and women, OUR country has given to others:

  4. AID and much much more. And we did pinch our pennies and more to World War 11 and so many I can’t mention them all. Our country has given more than HE ever will.

    He has his nerve!! And he takes lightly the Tea Party! He doesn’t know his history, the way he talking around the world, doesn’t even sound like he appricates his oun country–is that because he not proud?….is that because he doesn’t feel
    Don’t be fooled by this man. He and his friends have an agenda and you might not like that agenda.
    If you are offended by my thoughts…pay attention to what Washington is saying, study their words, Don’t take my word for it. I just know this is not the change our beautiful caring people voted for!

  5. I don’t believe President Obama is being honest with Americans. He and the dems are trying to move way too fast. Folks need more time to study the information or they will think something is wrong.

  6. @Daniel Gard honesty is good, but honest comments sometimes hurt to some people….Mr. Obama has taken steps that are totally opposite to the previous Presidents…..which is courageous as well as questionable. Government policies are not framed for one month or to target one city/state/genre…..they look 10-20 years down the line and see the benefit of the society as a whole

  7. It just seems like we have sooooo much to “fix” these days. All the back and forth makes it hard to really know what issue needs the most immediate attention

  8. @ wedding blog
    There will always be something or the other to fix, and yes, it is about priorities too…….the intelligence resides in what we prioritize and how we prioritize….and more importantly, what action to we take, what say?

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