Carrie Prejean,  Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Group and NBC Pageant Strike Back at Miss California USA Carrie Prejean


She’s got her ring on, and he’s got his kiss on. On-again, off-again married couple Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler prove magnetic – just a little more than a month since a split she called “devastating.” And, now is dissing Carrie Prejean for her breast implants – paid for by the California pageant.

Did anyone think that Miss California Carrie Prejean could get away from filming a traditonal marriage ad for the National Organization for Marriage?

No, and it didn’t take long for the gay marriage character assassins to come out of the woodwork.

Breat implants indeed.

If I were Carrie, I think I would want to get away from Donald Trump and NBC as soon as I could secure another gig.


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One Comment

  • N Waff

    This is another example of how filthy and ugly liberals always get. Assassinate the character of someone because they stand-up for time-honored traditional values. Liberalism will bash the conservative about the head and face until they will shut-up from the profuse beating. Who cares about implants – that is so stupid.

    And it’s amazing that Carrie Prejean is labeled by the Miss USA organization as “divisive and polarizing” which is only true if you learned your morals from Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality is “divisive and polarizing” and it’s getting worse and worse. “After the Ball” told us we’d get used to the stench of the homosexual camel after it’s nose was stuck in the tent long enough but the stench is getting worse and worse.