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Political cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Wow, this will show Kim Jong-Il that the United States means business.
Concerned by North Korean behavior that she called “very provocative and belligerent,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an interview aired Sunday that the United States was considering putting North Korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism, a clear signal that any slim hopes once held for improved relations had been dashed.

“We’re going to look at it,” Mrs. Clinton said in an interview recorded earlier for the ABC News program “This Week” when asked about returning Pyongyang to the list.

She suggested that international concern over North Korea had clearly sharpened following its recent nuclear and missile tests. She said that both China and Russia, which had balked earlier, seemed more ready now to increase pressure on North Korea. A strong sanctions resolution against the North would most likely emerge from the U.N. Security Council, backed by both countries, she said.

“What is going somewhere is additional sanctions in the United Nations — arms embargo, other measures taken against North Korea with the full support of China and Russia,” she said. “We think we’re going to come out of this with very strong resolution, with teeth, that will have consequences for the North Korean regime.”

How stupid to think the United Nation’s resolutions mean a RAT”S ASS to the North Koreans. In the meantime, President Obama, Hillary’s boss, has already asked for cuts in national missile defense, including the installation of more ground based interceptors in Alaska.

Remember when President Bill Clitnon sent his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to visit appease Kim Jong-Il with a Michael Jordan autographed basketball?

President Obama should immediatley reinstate the national missile defense budget and start equipping South Korea and Japan for an inevitable conflict.

Weakness in foreign policy  from Obama and Clinton may start a war.

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day by day 060709

Day By Day by Chris Muir

This entire Obama worship thing is sadly out of hand, particularly at NBC News and their entertainment division. And, this is occurring as their Nielsen ratings crater.

Soon President Bush will be down the media memory hole and the President will have to run on HIS OWN record.

Wonder who Axelrod and Emanuel will trot out or blame next?

Easy exit answer: Hillary Clinton


The Day By Day Archive

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  • And right there, in plain print, is the beginning of medical care rationing. Now that the cameras have been put away and the media is no longer watching, their secret emerges: They are going to cut medical costs by cutting medical care. Right now, they cite four targets. They plan to:

    1. Cut diagnostic imaging tests like MRIs and CAT scans.

    2. Reduce the use of antibiotics.

    3. Perform fewer Caesarean sections.

    4. Cut care for management of chronic back pain

  • It seems to me that Obama is trying to force the collapse of Netanyahu's government. I base this mostly on intuition. Of course, the Obama Administration would never claim to be interfering in the internal politics of another country, but it seems obvious that Netanyahu's narrow coalition won't survive sustained American pressure on the settlements question. Netanyahu is in a terrible spot: He must preserve, at all costs, Israel's strategic relationship with Washington; on the other hand, he has right-wing coalition partners who are myopically obsessed with the status of the Neve Manyak outposts. Something is bound to break, and when it does, the Netanyahu government collapses. Which doesn't mean that Netanyahu is out of power. It means that he then shares power with Tzipi Livni's centrist Kadima Party. If I were an American policymaker, that's the Israeli coalition I would hope for: Netanyahu-Barak-Livni, rather than Netanyahu-Barak-Lieberman. You watch: It's coming.
  • Appearing with Sarkozy before reporters, Obama displayed growing impatience with North Korea and what he called its "extraordinarily provocative" nuclear and ballistic missile tests. He suggested that the North is testing international patience as diplomacy has failed to persuade the reclusive communist government to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

    "Diplomacy has to involve the other side engaging in a serious way in trying to solve problems," he said. "We are going to take a very hard look at how we move forward on these issues, and I don't think that there should be an assumption that we will simply continue down a path in which North Korea is constantly destabilizing the region and we just react in the same ways."

  • In a highly charged televised debate on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad accused Rafsanjani, his sons and several other former top officials of corruption. It was an unusual move, given that Iranian politicians often avoid mentioning names in their attacks on opponents.

    An outraged Rafsanjani rejected the accusations as "a complete set of lies" and demanded equal airtime to respond. On Saturday he went a step further, announcing that he and his sons will sue the president for slander.

  • With more than history on the line, Phil Ivey was at the final table of Event #8 ($2,500 No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw) going for his sixth WSOP bracelet. Rumors were running wild that Ivey had up to $10 million in various prop bets revolving around him winning a bracelet. That totally eclipsed the official first prize of $96,361.
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  • So they're pulling out all the stops — pushing Democrats and a handful of so-called "moderate" Republicans who say they're in favor of a public option to support legislation that would include it in name only. One of their proposals is to break up the public option into small pieces under multiple regional third-party administrators that would have little or no bargaining leverage. A second is to give the public option to the states where Big Pharma and Big Insurance can easily buy off legislators and officials, as they've been doing for years. A third is bind the public plan to the same rules private insurers have already wangled, thereby making it impossible for the public plan to put competitive pressure on the insurers.
  • Robert Reich: "I'ved poked around Washington today, talking with friends on the Hill who confirm the worst: Big Pharma and Big Insurance are gaining ground in their campaign to kill the public option in the emerging health care bill."

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