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Obama Presidential Approval Ratings Lower Than Presidents Except Bill Clinton

President Barack Obama, right, stands next to David Letterman as he holds up a heart-shaped potato an audience member brought to the ‘Late Show’ during taping in New York Monday Sept. 21, 2009

Is trouble on the horizon for “The One?”

Obama’s current approval rating is 52 per cent. Look at the other Presidents at this time of their administrations.

  • George W. Bush -76%
  • Bill Clinton – 50%
  • George H.W. Bush – 70%
  • Ronald Reagan – 52%
  • Jimmy Carter – 57%
  • Richard Nixon – 59%
  • John Kennedy – 79%
  • Dwight Eisenhower – 61%

This is NOT a good start and Obama has been sinking in the polls as of late due to his push for Obamacare and the poor economy.

The Republican Party is licking its chops for 2010.

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