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  • International reaction ranged from delight to disbelief. The former winners Kofi Annan and Desmond Tutu voiced praise, the latter lauding the Nobel Committee’s “surprising but imaginative choice”.

    But Lech Walesa, the dissident turned Polish President, who won the Peace Prize in 1983, spoke for many, declaring: “So soon? Too early. He has no contribution so far.”

    Mr Obama’s domestic critics leapt on the award as evidence of foreigners fawning over an untested “celebrity” leader. Rush Limbaugh, the US right-wing commentator, said: “This fully exposes the illusion that is Barack Obama."

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  • But in the Republican battle, these numbers must be insanely frustrating for Carly Fiorina. She was supposed to cruise to the nomination, but she is tied (21-20) with Chuck DeVore, a right-wing Assemblyman without a ton of money. You have to wonder, if she doesn't bounce back from her bad month or so that she had, will she really want to get involved in this mess. Carlyfornia Dreamin' was such a clear disaster, will she really want to sink much of her own money into the race, and will people really give her any money if she doesn't sink some of her ill-gotten HP gains into it? It's really something of a vicious feedback loop for Carly now.
    Good observation. Will Fiorina decide to invest in her own candidacy or heal up from cancer and pick another spot when Feinstein's Senate seat opens up?
  • "Some Republicans who instinctively were backing Fiorina are pulling back and saying wait a minute � I'm actually going to give more serious consideration to both candidates," pollster Mark DiCamillo said. "Neither of these candidates are very well known. There's just a kind of a 'hold the phone' sentiment out there about Fiorina."

    Fiorina, who is exploring the race at this point and underwent breast cancer treatment over the last six months, did not attend a recent California Republican Party convention. DeVore, who has declared his candidacy, has been actively campaigning.

  • Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, as he's told us before, may only have $$700,000 kicking around. But Chuck D from the OC has got 14,000-plus donors.

    Yawn, says Team Boxer. They're more worried about Fiorina. As they wrote on Boxer's blog this week:

    "As you may know, Fiorina was paid $100 million during her five years at HP, plus a generous golden parachute worth at least $21 million. It is widely believed that she has the capacity to contribute tens of millions to her own campaign. By comparison, the most expensive Boxer campaign in the past raised $21 million. With one personal check, Fiorina could have a larger campaign warchest than we’ve ever had."

  • Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer holds a strong edge over possible Republican challengers seeking to unseat her in the 2010 election, according to a new Field Poll of registered voters.

    The poll, conducted via telephone between Sept. 18 and Oct. 6, showed Boxer holding a double-digit lead over two GOP hopefuls, declared candidate Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, and former Hewlett Packard executive Carly Fiorina, who has not declared her candidacy but has formed an exploratory committee.

    Boxer beat Fiorina 49 percent to 35 percent, and DeVore 50 percent to 33 percent.

    The poll indicated that much of Boxer's lead could stem from low name recognition for both Fiorina and DeVore.

    While 87 percent of those surveyed held an opinion about the Democratic senator (48 percent favorable, 39 percent unfavorable), 72 percent of voters have no opinion of Fiorina and 82 percent have no opinion of DeVore.


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Day By Day by Chris Muir

A fraud in the White House?

Say it isn’t so.

But, wait.

The New York Times droned on about the modern art collection the Obama’s brought with them into the White House.

The Watusi, was created by Alma Thomas, who is described by the NYTimes as “a longtime Washington resident who is an African-American painter.”

It’s just too bad that it is a fake.

Beezlebubba at Free Republic is familiar with the original. The Snail or The Snail (L’escargot), by Henri Matisse, [summer 1952-early] 1953, Gouache on paper, cut and pasted, on white paper, is from the Tate Gallery collection in London.

It even has its own Wikipedia entry.

Snapped Shot confirms with a motion graphic that the two pieces are exactly the same.

Dan Riehl has an animated overlay of the two pieces.

Today, and just announced President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Another fraud?

But, Obama accepted it.

More on this later – time to walk the Las Vegas strip for marathon training.

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