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CA-Sen: Tom Campbell FINALLY Admits Receiving Terrorist-Linked Sami Al-Arian’s Donation

Former California Congressman Tom Campbell who has accepted campaign contributions from prominent Muslim activist Sami al-Arian who is alleged to have formed with others a terrorist support network across the United States and who pled guilty to conspiring to help associates of the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Tom Campbell said he GOOFED and finally admits accepting the political contributions. Of course, I posted the records from the Federal Elections Commission days ago:

TAMPA, FL 33687

05/02/2000 300.00 20020230924
05/02/2000 1000.00 20020230924

Tom Campbell tells the Politico that he made an “honest mistake”

Campbell further muddied the waters on the Al-Arian issue this week by denying in an interview with the New Ledger website that he had ever taken any contributions from Al-Arian. Yet a Federal Election Commission report showed a donation of $1,000 on May 2, 2000, and of an additional $300 later reattributed to Al-Arian’s wife, Nahla. The candidate said Wednesday that he simply goofed.

“I apologize, but I made a mistake,” Campbell wrote. “I was aware that Sami Al-Arian had asked others to contribute to me (emphasis mine), as I’ve stated plainly, so no one can claim I am attempting to hide it. I did not realize that Sami Al-Arian had contributed himself. It was an honest mistake, with no attempt to mislead.”

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  • Mike

    Personally, I believe that Campbell made an honest mistake. I think he’s an ethical man who understands the best way to win an election is through honesty and a focus on the issues. I don’t think he was trying to “cover his ass”