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CA-Sen: Tom Campbell Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Muslim Alliance One Month After 9/11

campbellandawad Updated: CA-Sen: Tom Campbell and the Growing Storm Over His Anti-Israel Record

Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and former Congressman and United States Senate candidate Tom Campbell

Philip Klein over at The American Spectator has the story. Read it all.

One month after the September 11 attacks, Tom Campbell accepted a lifetime achievement award from a Muslim group at a conference in which speakers cited poverty and U.S. policy toward Israel as the “root causes” of terrorism.

And in 2000, Campbell, who as now, was running for U.S. Senate in California, raised $35,000 from Muslim groups “grateful for his efforts to cut aid to Israel,” according to a newspaper account at the time.

It is as much as what Campbell has done in the past as how he portrays his actions today. To say the least, Tom Campbell is suffering from a complete LACK of political credibility.

More from Klein:

So, in 2000, Campbell was raising money from Muslim groups on the basis of his votes against Israel and his views on foreign policy, and now he’s claiming those same positions are being misrepresented. Meanwhile, a month after Sept. 11, he was willing to accept an award from a group that was pushing the view that the root causes of the attacks were poverty in the Muslim world as well as U.S. support for Israel. Either Campbell was misrepresenting himself then, or he’s misrepresenting himself now. It can’t be both.

As the evidence mounts that Campbell has a history of hob-nobbing (including accepting money) with Islamic terrorist sympathizers and anti-Israel zealots, he demurs and says his views are being misrepresented.

Not going to fly, Tom.

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