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WTF Happened to KNBC News Anchor Chris Schauble?


Chris Schauble says WTF live on NBC, Los Angeles

Guess poor Chris Schauble has been suspended/demoted/transferred to weekend anchor at KNBC, Los Angeles duty after his WTF moment.

Chris Schauble was reporting an update about Jaycee Dugard, the California woman who was kidnapped in 1991 and held for 18 years in the backyard of a convicted rapist. The video shown, however, was of Abby Sunderland — the 16-year-old girl who went missing for several days last month while trying to sail solo around the world.

The video mixup prompted Schauble to mouth the explicit phrase (which is an abbreviation for “What The Fuck?”) to viewers. It didn’t take Chris long to realize that the camera had returned to two-shot frame and still being filmed.

The network has since issued an apology over the incident. NBC Los Angeles told TMZ Thursday: “This morning one of our morning anchors mouthed an inappropriate word on air. It was inadvertent and we regret the error.”

Kind of a shame for Chris. I enjoyed his early morning banter and his fitness pieces early in the morning. Now, the only good part of the early morning news is the weather and traffic:

Elita Loresca of KNBC, Los Angeles

Yeah, I know I am shameless to sneak in a photo of Elita.

But, I met Chris Schauble at the Los Angeles Marathon Expo last March and he was a nice, stand up type of guy. Let’s hope he serves a brief purgatory on the weekends and rejoins the early morning news team.

And, soon…..


321 thoughts on “WTF Happened to KNBC News Anchor Chris Schauble?

  1. He didnt even say anything, he just mouthed it… This country has gotten so uptight about any little mistake. Why can’t anyone (talking about media companies, and the stupid FCC just say that something was a mistake and let’s move on???

  2. I agree.

    Maybe the station managers have another agenda here and this was just the excuse. But, KNBC’s morning program with Lane and Veira kind of sucks.

    The ONLY thing that saves it is Elita. :o)

  3. Bring Chris back ASAP! I’ve been an avid watcher of KNBC morning news for decades and the program desperately needs his return…desperately!

  4. Chris was great and an important offset to the all female newscasting. Without him the women are all giggles and chatting. If they don’t put Chris back on soon I am going elsewhere.

  5. I have been looking all over for chris. If he doesn’t come back soon, I am definitely done with NBC.

  6. We are already shopping for a new morning news program and settled on ABC. Chris brought professionalism to the morning news. I think an apology from him should suffice. So now we watch other news and do not turn back to watch the shows that followed Chris and the morning news on KNBC. He was able to recenter on the news if the ladies got off track with all the giggles etc. We lost Paul Johnson, we (you) can not afford to lose Chris also.

  7. THe production value of channel 4 news has been horrifying for years! I only watch it because my wife does and well, it’s hard to not look at Elita or Alyshia! I can bypass there mistakes just as long as I get to see em. 🙂

  8. Please bring Chris back and soon! I can’t believe NBC would have taken Chris off the AM show for one honest mistake. Perhaps there’s more to it. I have nothing against Alicia, Elita and Kathy but it just doesn’t work with 3 gals. Plus Chris was a genuinely good anchor on his own merits. Like others, my wife and I may switch our morning allegiance….

  9. Bring back Chris. You took away Jennifer, we lost Paul, and now Chris? He made a mistake in an otherwise classy and professional presence. We miss him and hope his sentence is short.

  10. I really watched the morning news because of Chris Shauble. It’s definitely not the same without him. Bring him back!!
    It’s been two weeks and already Ive not watched the morning news at least 4 times. I started watching the early morning news, because of Chris Shauble! The girls are nice- but it seems as if they’re trying tooooo hard…If this continues another week- I’ll switch to someother station..

  11. I have been an avid fan of the morning show. But I am getting tired of all the changes in personnel. Bring Chris back or I will change stations @ 6am. I have not watched the show consistently since his departure.

  12. You have got to be kidding? You took off the only person (beside Elita) that I watch the morning show. Really? he didn’t say it outloud and reactedlike anyone would. With all the horrible things going on in this world you think that was worth removing him off for? Well now you have lost one more viewer in support of bringing Chris back…Very disappointed in the powers that be to make such a bad decision.


  14. I saw the incident and was mouthing WTF at the same time Chris did because of the camera mix-ups. Now I’ve set a good example and fired myself from watching NBC news. Thank you for your actions with Chris – makes my actions more clear. If Chris comes back then I’ll understand it’s safe for me to return to watching again.

  15. KNBC morning news is a joke now that Chris Schauble is exciled to weekend reporting. My family will not watch KNBC morning weekday news until he comes back. Considering he has won Emmy’s for his reporting and KNBC, it smacks of racial politics moving him to the weekend spot. One mistake does not warrant this action. Clearly this was the fault of the production staff who did not let him know they had switched the camera shot back to include him. His comment was not audible, and no one would have known if the camera operators and director had done their jobs properly.

  16. You’re kidding right ? The man is so focused on his job that he squirms when the production team can’t have their own ducks in a row. He’s a competitor, and he wants things right, so he showed emotion….. BIG DEAL !
    If a child was in another room, they didn’t “hear” anything anyway. If a child was present in the room to lip read the remark and understand it, then they heard it before anyway (if so…. probably in their own home). Bring Chris back
    the show is hurting without him, he’s a true professional WITH CLASS !!!!

    p.s. all the stations think by having big busted woman is the be all answer for viewers, well it’s not….CLASS PREVAILS !

  17. I also wondered what happened to Chris. I saw the screw up when it happened and I also saw his face when what he had done was probably repeating in his head as he stared at the camera…

    But COME ON! It was a mistake!

    Unless they were looking for a reason to demote or banish him from the air, this was certainly not severe enough to remove him from the morning anchor position permanently.

    I doubt many NBC upper management persons read this, so I would encourage everyone to write into NBC directly.

    We got your back Chris!

  18. Man, who paid for all these great reviews? I found him self-centered, self promoting, boring with an underlying arrogance. I found him hard to watch. Kathy Vara is a consumate pro. Build the show around her. The rest of the team is good. The show works better without him. Sorry, fans.Just glad he’s off the morning show.

  19. Where is Chris? The show needs him. I’ve been wondering for weeks now what happened to him. I apparently missed the events that led up to his removal so every morning that I am able to watch NBC4 in the a.m. I’ve been looking for Chris. I don’t like the new format. I have been a supportor and fan of NBC LA for many I hate the idea of having to find a new news program.

  20. I can not believe that NBC has removed Chris Schauble, truly I am stunned. He was the only reason I continued to watch the morning news on NBC, having been so loyal for over 20yrs. But this has changed my mind and I’m going with another morning airing.

    There was such a great balance with Chris, he bringing personal achievements that inspire all of us.

    For what? “MOUTHING” WTF?

    Shame on you NBC for this, for removing the brightest star in your morning line up.

  21. Everything has gone down hill since the changes on the KNBC morning team. It just a T& A Show! Another stupid move by the management over there. Chris Schauble is a good guy and balances the show. Even the idiots in management have made simple mistakes in their careers. WTF… Grow Up SUITS! The girls are trying too hard and it shows! Chris and Jennifer B. where a good team.


  22. I’ve watched Today in LA for many years. Wondering now who the person is that’s in charge especially when Paul was out, you gave the weather girl the traffic report. Consolidation was not the answer. Where is Steve Truitt? He wasn’t just reading but knew what he was talking about just as Paul did. Are you people short of money or something? If so. it is really showing.
    What you did to Chris is just plain wrong. He seems gracious enough to do what you’ve asked without quitting. You really need to add him back to the show! He’s loyal. You never know when Kathy might hop channels again.

  23. I can’t believe how many defenders there are of this primo douche. His style is condescending, fake and completely unnatural. Thank god he is gone. This d-bag even said “FIGHT ON” during an SC story – even though he’s not an alum – his need to associate with the ultimate school of arrogance couldn’t be helped.

    Get a clue people, unless you like being talked to like a first grader, the morning has just gotten better!

  24. Bring Chris back! He is the ONLY reason I watched NBC am news. Too many giggly, trying to be cute, girls! Kathy needs to cut back on the Botox, Alicia needs to have a hair out of place once in a while, and Elita should just stick to weather.

  25. I can’t believe that Chris S. has been removed from the NBC’s am show over a simple mistake! I have been a loyal fan of NBC ever since Chris Nance was on. Chris brings youth, professionalism, class and balance to the show. I like the girls, but the morning show is more like a girls get-together-lunch with all their giggling. Chris I hope you come back! when you do, pls. let me know so I can start watching the Channel 4 news again. You, your workout tips, sense of humor, and professionlism were the reasons I watched the show. NBC SHAME ON YOU!!! all this switching of people is making me dizzy. BTW, Elita should be more professional and show up to work everyday, that girl must be out at least 5 days out of the month…..

  26. This simply proves that we are all human and make mistakes. We’ve all seen worse than this. Give Chris a break, jeez!

  27. this is beyond ridiculous. chris added some heft to the morning news and always presented so professionally. i bet he was mortified. nothing against the ladies, but i can’t believe what morning viewers are left with. who is running this department? please bring him back!

  28. Wow, friends and family of Chris, can you be a little less obvious with your blind support? I know for a fact many people don’t care for his reporting style (fake, condescending, pompous). Except for 2 posts, everyone else in LA loves this guy? C’mon, be real folks, and move-on. Most people can see right through this guy’s act.

  29. This is ridiculous! Saying WTF isn’t the end of the world. I’m over 60 and it didn’t offend me. If an “oldie” can handle it, surely most people can. I actually found it amusing and human. I was more disappointed years ago when that newscaster hid under the desk when the earthquake hit….oh yeah, NBC dumped him too. Apparently, loyalty isn’t their long-suit. I miss Chris in the morning. Bring him back from Siberia, please. WE WANT CHRIS!!!!

  30. We have been discussing what happened to Chris for the last week. I hate it when this kind of thing happens. We have been watching channel 4 new for years and all of a sudden, you notice someone is missing and there is no explanation at all about where they went or what happened. We can start the list with Christopher Nance, there was Paul Johnson, and now Chris. If you want loyal watchers of your program, understand that these anchors become part of the family that you have coffee and breakfast with every morning! If one of your family members just disappears, wouldn’t you want to know why and what happened??? And furthermore, if the listeners don’t have a problem with what happened, why should you?? Chris – we will be glad when you’re back. Miss you terribly. Elita, you’re wonderful and we love that you’ve taken over for Paul and replaced Rachel. You’re not only an attractive and intelligent source of information, you’re very personable and we enjoy your traffic and weather reports every morning. Come on channel 4 – wtf??

  31. Give us a break it was a freakin mistake –I remember many years ago a young boy in my first grade class said something that has stuck with me for over 60 years —He said My Daddy said Son people make mistakes thats why they put erasures on pencils

  32. I really miss Chris in the morning. We all make mistakes! He is such a nice, wholesome man. We need him back to make the news more interesting than giggling women trying to out do each other! They look uncomfortable and awkward. We need Chris back!!!

  33. My wife & I watch KNBC every morning – mainly due to Chris. We have been wondering if he was the latest to “disappear” a la Bjorkland. It had been too long to be a vacation, so I googled it up. WTF?!?! WTF is right! I cannot believe that he would be banished for that! There has to be another reason. Did he sleep with the Station Manager’s wife? Knock up the News Director’s daughter? It can’t be Q ratings; he was the centerpiece of that show. And for some unknown reason, management has cut off their own nose to spite their face. Unreal. Bring him back. He learned his lesson. Hand slapped. Move on. If not, enjoy your low ratings, you’re next. With management skills like that, you’ll be unemployed soon enough.
    P.S. If you can afford Kathy, you can afford to have a separate traffic person. RIP, Paul.

  34. I sent NBC4 feedback alright!! Please bring Chris Back!! Everyone makes mistakes.
    I have supported that morning news show for many years. It is bad enough we just lost Paul Johnson. Now this.

    NO WAY!!! The show sucks with it’s present format!!! Ugh!!

    I am a person, who never write complaints but I did about this!!!

  35. WTF! is going on with the Execs @ KNBC? I agree with so many of the comments above. Having Chris on morning news was Great, I enjoy all the ladies as well, but he did make it seem more like a news program than new version of “The View”. Your weekend program has been lousy for a long time now and I have completely stopped watching. You Execs need to start listening to the people who watch and stop all this. Not explaining to the viewers is like saying you don’t care how we feel, and without us you are nothing. Chris made a little mistake and you have blown it out of proportion, try remembering all the good he has done for the morning program and bring him back…


  37. I can’t belive that someone who has been on the morning show for so long would be removed for a small mistake. Chris makes the morning show bright. Serious for WTF? Come on NBC – loosen up the tie!! Take the propore corrective action, which is not removing Chris from the morning show and BRING CHRIS BACK!! The show is definitely not the same.

  38. U NEED CHRIS. The girls are way to giggley. They think they are very too cute. Elita wears way to tight clothes. I have naturally large breasts and I can disguise them pretty well. It looks like she tries to show them off. This is not a beauty contest.

  39. Really? We need this guy? He sounded like a Simpsons character with his delivery – effectuating words for no apparent reason other than to satisfy his EGO. This incident reminds me of a Hollywood A-Lister who freaks out on the production people because he looked like a fool, due to his own actions no less. No doubt this was just the tip of the iceberg of his boorish behavior. Kudos to NBC for transfer, no more annoying Scahuble-ese for me to roll my eyes at!


    There are plenty of male newscasters who could fill this position, and do the job professionally.

  40. Bring Chris back- its horrible in the morning and now I am going to change to Channel 7. You have an homogenized
    news cast… 1 mistake out of 7 years amazing…..

  41. NBC. ….. You are crazy!!!! Bring back the Schaub!!!
    The whole chemistry of the team is off. Your rating must be suffering.
    Ever hear of forgive and forget? You made your point, now stop acting like you’ve never made a mistake, be human, and bring back the Schaub!!!!

  42. I met Chris Schauble by City Hall when he was helping with raising money for Haiti very professional, handsome, sweet guy. I really do miss him in the morning when I wake up and do my monring work outs. I was surprised when I saw him on the evening news and on the weekends. I can tell that he is not happy. If you lose him this will be a big mistake for Channel 4. Chris and Kathy together make a great team. BRING CHRIS BACK!!! I will not watch Channel 4 anymore until CHRIS IS BACK. 🙁

  43. The show is kind of dumb now with all of the giggles…I was wondering where Chris went to — all of a sudden he’s gone and the dingbats are running the show. Also, where did Jennifer go?

  44. I agree!! We need Chris back!! I miss Jennifer too! The two of them were the best!!!! But without Chris I am going to #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. WTF, first Jennfier and now Chris gone. Chris was the only anchor making it bearable since Jennifer left…..except for Elita of course. CH 4 bring Chris back….you’re losin it. It’s not like we haven’t heard it before.

  46. WT Heck! I am now surfing from one news show to another. Shame on you guys! Rachel, Jennifer, now Chris. The lady with the long hair presents well. The short hair lady left and returned. When Chris was gone, a comment was made by her commemting that he was not there, “short haired lady, said” its nice, she not nice. I can clearing see that she is reading her lines. This is suspect! Your station, my remote! This is the very first time I have ever e-mail any station.

  47. Bring chris schauble back to the am news it amazes me why nbc doesn’t listen to the public opinion
    regarding their personnel including the opinions regarding looks vs quality

  48. The quality of the program declined when Jennifer Bjorklund was replaced by Alycia Lane and I wasn’t thrilled by the addition of Kathy Vara to the team. The program without Chris Schauble is unwatchable, but until today, when I finally could not bear the twittering of Alycia and Kathy any longer that I decided to find out WTF happened. Like many others who have commented before me, I will not be watching any longer unless Chris returns to the show.

  49. Please bring Chris back!!! The current format does not work for me. I have continued to watch thinking maybe he was on vacation, but I will not continue with this format. This broadcast needs him, nothing against the ladies.

  50. It took me a minute to figure out Chris was gone. It being summer, I thought he had taken vacation with his family. Now I find this out!!! WTF are you people doing. In reading the posts I agree with most of them. He brought a presence that is just not there with the others. I love Elita, She is so cute. Bring him back or I am gone and I have been an avid watcher for many many years. I wake up at 4:30 and the tv goes right on to Today in LA. Get it together folks, your rating are going to drop.

  51. Oh and by the way Pablo is cool on weather but sucks with the traffic.. You could do better

  52. I don’t watch The View on purpose. Who wants to hear a bunch of hens cackling? And now KNBC has done the same thing to the Morning News. And all the dumb promos about their private lives and hobbies! Who cares? People visiting from other parts of the country who flip on the news in their hotel room must think we’re all like 90210. Geez!

  53. I enjoyed watching/listening to Today in LA while getting ready for work in the morning. But since Chris Schauble has been gone, it is just not the same. Initially, I thought he was on vacation, but I realized after about a week something wasn’t right. I didn’t hear the “blooper”, but come on people. Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s move on. You should bring the man back. I don’t like the line up now and to be frank, if Chris Schauble does not come back, neither will I.

  54. Shame on you NBC for this, for removing the brightest star in your morning line up. It took me a minute to figure out Chris was gone. It being summer, I thought he had taken vacation with his family. Now I find this out!!! I found out by consulting the internet. I can’t believe it. I watched the news this whole week hoping that someone would make mention of Chris to no avail. If he doesn’t come back at 6 am, I won’t be a viewer. He was refreshing to see each morning. I’m so sad to hear this news!

  55. If Chris Schauble does not return soon, I will find another morning news show to watch. He is the best and we all miss his presents and great voice. It’s your call NBC, don’t blow it

  56. Chris Schauble acts like a real person not an automatron as so many of the anchors do. He’s cute and bright, his comments always seem natural. He’s actually very positive and upbeat and that baritone of is actually able to penetrate my Ambien fog as I’m dragging myself out of bed to get to work. Of course he responded to a stupid technical error- that’s what normal people do. So what if he MOUTHED -didn’t even say it out loud- a word that is actually very common in popular usage? And can anyone name a better looking news anchor on any station, at any time, anywhere? The dimples kill!
    Vara and Lane are boring and bland. If Chis doesn’t come back, I will be looking for a new a.m station. This seems like yet another example of the vapid decision making that continues to plague NBC.

  57. And while we’re on the subject, what happened to Jennifer Bjorkland? She had very good chemistry with Chris.
    WTF, NBC?

  58. It’s very disappointing that someone could work so hard every morning with intelligence, style, and professionalism and lose their job within seconds on making a mistake. Blows-me-away…
    Come on NBC, Give me a break, I guess no one there ever mouthed the comment Chris made!!. Wonder if you were reassigned?.
    Many of us think extremely highly of Chris and would strongly recommend you bring him back quickly or stand the lost
    of many viewers.

  59. It also took me a while to figure out what happened to Chris. I still don’t know what happened to Jennifer Bjorkland. They were the best team in the morning – bring thm both back!!! I was glad when Kathy Vara left the first time…now she’s back? She is stiff and uncomfortable on camera. Yes, you do need a separate traffic person. And stop having Pablo fill in for Elita, he rarely gives area temps for the day, it’s always just general info. If he’s too lazy to do the job right, then axe him too (and please don’t get Carl Bell to fill in – WTF???)

  60. NBC…WFT do you think will happen to this sorry morning news show? I really missed Paul Johnson; but unfortunately he can not return due to health problems. But, come on; Chris Shauble was a very professional newscaster, minus that one little mistake that he made; and God knows that we ALL have made a few in our lives.

    Please give Mr. Shauble his morning news anchor position back.

  61. I’ve been watching Chris Shauble on nbc since he started. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK ! He his such a GOOD news achor. I enjoy starting my mornings listening to him achor the news. It’s not the same without him. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody is human and DESERVES a second chance. I won’t watch nbc news until he comes back!

  62. “We Are LA”…! Come Now!! Some of us are a little more intelligent than your NEW Morning News Team advertisement portrays. You have taken Chris away and in his place we have giggles and cocktail hour at 4:30AM! When I open my eyes, I want intelligence with facts…not evening apparel when it is 45 degrees outside! I really don’t care about personal lives unless they are about giving back to the community….give us back Chris Shauble and NIX the “perky” gals!

  63. When you brought back Kathy, I thought….hmmmm they must be getting rid of someone. Guess what! They did. The got rid of Chris. I put on your station first thing when I get up and when I find he is not on….I change it.
    This is some plan of the station. BAD PLAN. Kathy should have stayed at Channel 7. (maybe she was let go?)Never complained on interenet before, but this time I have had it.

  64. What has happened to Chris? Did someone try to sabotage his papers so they could move on in?Bring him back
    really soon I wonder was it a set up?

  65. Bring Chris back – I thought he was on vacation. When I turned on the TV and saw Vara and the other lady for yet another Monday. I raced to my computer (before beginning my morning devotion) and Googled Chris to find out what happened on NBC and here it is! I am devastated. What will KNBC do next?! I have watched NBC news for over 35 years (that includes the Today Show) but I promise, if Chris does not return, I will change my viewing habit!

  66. I agree with the majority of comments. I too had been wondering what happened to Chris. I goggled too and could only find the WTF comment BUT no comment about what happened to him. Then I saw him doing a report from the field on the weekend. I thought “WTF?” So I am assuming he was demoted. This is crazy. I too met Chris before at the MLK parade he was very nice and very approachable unlike some celebrities. I hate the other news programs but I now switch around to all of the other stations while I get dressed and I wait for the Today show to come on. So sad am I. BRING CHRIS BACK NOW!

  67. Not having seen Chris on the today morning show, I decided I would check it out. Unbelieveable that he is no longer the anchor – well that does it now I can go on to ABC. Did’nt no what had happened to Paul until I was watching and it was announced that he had passed. Can’t you treat your viewer’s a little better? And now this -Goodbye NBC NEWS!

  68. I would like Chris brought back too! It seems that NBC keeps losing (or getting rid of) their best anchors. If he doesn’t come back to weekdays soon, I will change stations, as well.
    If he slipped up, guess that makes him human. NBC made the apology, now let him come back.

  69. Since you removed Jennifer from your am program, I would only watch it beacuse of Chris. The two other girls (not weather) are drab and to monatone. I have switched to channel 7. It would do you justice to let Chris come back to what was a decent am show.

  70. Bring Chris back, the new chemistry is lame. seriously, i’m switching to another station soon, do it quickly.

  71. I’m sorry, but I’m glad he’s gone. It always bothered me when it’s time for the other anchor to speak and he stares at them with his lips poked out. He’s too robotic. However, I do feel that there should be a male to balance out the morning, but not him.

  72. Bring Chris back. I was hoping that he was on vacation. First Kathy B and now him. Hey, he slipped up and it wasn’t even verbal. Get over it.

  73. WTF……..What a shame… Now the news is in the hands of those two annoying hens that giggle and fake their way through the morning news. I can’t even turn on the news and watch the two of them without Chris balancing their strangeness. It’s like watching the Today Show with Matt and suffering through Ann and Meredith pretending they have news chops. BRING CHRIS BACK NOW…….. Until then I will get my news on line like the rest of the world.

  74. Please bring Chris back, we really miss him. Your station is not the same and I have already drifted away.

  75. I have watched the NBC morning news for 20 years. Years ago it was Kathy and Kent. I never liked Kent Shocknic or Kathy Viera. Now Kathy is back she has no chemistry with Lane and Chris is gone…………..this might just make me switch to CBS and watch Kent again…..Don’t make me do it………..

  76. These last few weeks have been borderline intolerable with the present format for the early morning news on CNBC Los Angeles. And while I thought I would adjust to the new style, it’s not working for me. I understand that the TV Networks have Regulatory and Compliance standards to uphold, however, putting Chris Schauble to stand in the corner (i.e. ridiculous weekend news slot and field assignments???) is hopefully a temporary punishment for his MISTAKE.
    Do know that the current delivery is heading in the direction of KTLA’s format – less professional, too laid back, too social; not CNBC’s style at all. There’s a reason why Channel 4 is a popular news source for many viewers. Are you aware that no other LA Networks whose early morning news cannot hold a candle close to your previous format? In addition, on a daily basis, the previous format provided a great segue for the Today Show.
    So, while I recognize that there is always two sides to a story and consequences for our actions, please strongly reconsider returning Chris Schauble to his morning news desk as soon as possible. The show needs resuscitating already!!!

  77. I agree with the majority of the comments here; it was a mistake but address it and move on. I have been wondering what happened to Chris and finally decided to search for the answer. The new format doesn’t work and Chris was the main reason I watched, especially after losing Paul Johnson. Bring Chris back! The comment about Steve T in traffic was also another good one. Steve T is no Paul Johnson, but maybe he could be eventually. Elita does great with the weather but can only fill in on traffic. NBC- Bring Chris back now or many of your viewers will be shopping around for a new morning news channel, myself included.

  78. Bring Chris Back! He was the only serious news authority on TV in the A.M. The girls are OK but ot without Chris. WE s he hard headlines nad his ability to discern good reporting. Channel 4 is in serious danger of losing an avid Fan. Seriously, have you wacthed Channel 11 in he A.M.?

  79. I heard a familiar voice this morning @11:00am!!!
    The Schauble on the daily connection!! Ok NBC you are on the right track.
    Keep going and bring the Schaub back to the morning news.

  80. Bring Chris Back!!! He was believeable, full of energy, and refreshing. Those two anchors are driving us crazy. My husband and I have been watching NBC for morning news for years but that will change immediately.

  81. Not sure if this was planned by NBC since they had brought Cathy in prior to this happening.
    I have actually started watching CNN only because Chris has always been very respectful and a professional. Maybe instead of letting him go you should have first looked at who continues to mess up the video.

  82. I guess I wasn’t that attached to the show because it took til today to get around to Googleing what happened to Chris Schauble. Now that I think of it I think I was actually watching when that happened….the WTF incident. It didn’t even really register with me that it was so bad. I mean I kind of did a double take and then forgot about it 5 seconds later. Bring Chris back. The chicks can’t carry it alone. Those chicks anyway. All of us hear and see stuff worse than that every hour of every day. Where are the execs living that they are so out of touch with their audience and life itself? They can show all kinds of lurid stuff in another format that kids are watching; but in an all adult audience like the NEWS…..we aren’t capable of watching a blooper. Good job NBC! You’re really connected to me.

  83. I, too, have been an avid fan of the Channel 4 morning news show. I have been wondering what happened to Chris and finally googled him him this morning and discovered what happened. Give me a break. The current format is not working for me either and I, too, have begun shopping around the other networks to find a new morning news show. Bring Chris back or lose this viewer.

  84. Does anyone know how to send all these comments to knbc big wigs they need to see it —-I have already switched to channel 5 –this has to be one of the dumbest moves the network has ever made

  85. Bring Chris back, please!!!!! He brings integrity and balance to your morning show. I agree with the other comments;It makes me turn to another channel in the morning. The only thing you can do, other than bring him back to the morning news, is to make him a lead newscaster during prime time.

  86. Bring Chris Schauble back to the morning news team, please! I like the girls (Vara and Lane) one at a time with Chris but the two of them alone cannot carry the program. The chemistry is unbalanced, waaaaaay too much giggling going on, and the best-friends lovefest is just out of place. I could take it when I knew Chris was away for vacation, assignments, etc., but if he’s not coming back–AND SOON–I’m outta there, too.

  87. Hey Chris, If you are following any of these comments and I hope you are, Just tell us where we can watch you deliver the news and we’ll be there too! If they won’t bring you back then I guess we have to follow you wherever you go next. Apology accepted. And WTF if the leaders of this nation can get away with saying it out loud and are not edited or sanctioned why should anyone else pay this kind of penalty? Not to say that I approve, but it was a mistake and fair is fair.

  88. My husband and I were wondering, what happened to Chris Shauble, we couldn’t understand why he wasn’t part of the morning news when he was the strongest of the group. We are not watching channel 4 before 7AM anymore, but will again once Chris is back. BRING CHRIS BACK! Is anybody listening????

  89. This was just Channel 4’s excuse to fire Chris. Don’t see why mouthing a bad word is so terrible. It was just a mistake – only one mistake. It doesn’t compare to the daily display of huge boobs – very unprofessional in my opinion. Well, maybe some viewers are into that stuff. Also, one of the women they just hired to replace Jennifer has a history of very serious and offensive blunders. Just do an Internet search of her name and you will see what I am referring to. Chris was the best achor and now he’s gone. I won’t watch anymore.

  90. I used to love the show when it was Chris and Jennifer. I was crushed when Jennifer was gone, and now Chris. It’s ridiculous. Haven’t you heard and seen how vulgar (and violent) so many television shows are? What Chris did was not as bad as other things I have seen on television and heard on the radio. It obviously was unintentional. I am tired of watching all the women who are starting to look and sound the same – very fake. What happened to a show that is actually about the news with some professional looking reporters? Bring Chris and Jennifer back. I will boycott the program until that happens.

  91. I have never written to any network about any of the dumb stuff they’ve done in the past, but this is just super-stupid. I miss Chris in the morning, so I’m moving on to another station. They let us get to know him and really like him, then they snatched him without explanation. When I discovered that he “mouthed” the wrong words I was surprised, but did he really deserve to be banished forever? Goodbye NBC Morning News.

  92. CHRIS IS BACK!!!! I’m watching channel 4 right now! Looks like he’s been moved to the 11:00pm news on Saturdays. Tonight he is the solo anchor.

  93. Yes, unfortunately the DBAG is back. His lame mockery of Alicia this Saturday was another example of how unprofessional this loser is. For the supporters of the Schaub, hope the kool-aid tastes good, b/c you obviously are all sheep who lack the simple ability to see people for what they are.

  94. Oh My Gosh! There are worse things said on TV than Chris’s non-verbal comment! But, I don’t like the morning line up with out him. I rather watch ABC or CBS than watch 3 women giggle.

    Awful, simple awful!! KNBC thought they were doing the right thing but now they have messed up their morning ratings.

    Boycott the KNBC morning news!! (oops morning NO news)

  95. Please bring Chris back. He totally balanced the news team. Come on NBC, I am sure you know the ratings have gone down.

  96. Wish you would bring Chris Schauble back to the KNBC morning news — He was the main reason I always tuned in — Without Chris Schauble, I now watch KTLA morning news, sometimes KABC

    As it is, KNBC has weak morning news coverage, and does not report as many issues as KTLA and KABC — I get the impression that KNBC is on a small budget — KNBC does not even have live coverage on morning traffic, like KTLA and KABC — But despite these facts, I always watched KNBC loyally each morning because I love Chris Schauble for his “family man” persona and his history of genuine volunteer work for others — Plus, he is very handsome to watch

    I truly hope Chris comes back — Everyone make mistakes — Forgive Chris and move on — Do not let your technicalities ruin your ratings anymore

  97. If you wish to email NBC about this here is NBC website and go to make comments. I just did

  98. Until Chris comes back to the Morning Show, I am changing channels. Three giggling girls do not makeup for his absence.

  99. So sad. Ms. Lane can sit up there and scream at Cris on live TV but, … . It’s bad enough that he has to lean 30 degrees to the left just to keep his face on the screen next to her.

    Either way, it’s time to take Mr. Schauble to the big leagues. He is an eagle among chickens right now. Pair him up with Al Roker and the likes… . It’s time. Maybe this is just a bend in the right direction for him. Calling all producers of really serious TV! Respect to Ms. Elita annnnd Ms. Vara too.

  100. I agree, this is the WORST move that NBC has ever made.. Or one of the top 5!

    I’ve been a devoted watcher of the morning news and loved how Mr. Schauble added class along with fitness advice that was inspiring..

    He is far above any anchor that does morning news and should join the elite of anchors.. Not demote him!!

    Thinking of watching another morning news unless they get their act together.. I’m sorry but with all due respect, Kathy Vara needs to return to KABC with Kent Shocknek..

    Bring our Chris Schauble back!!!

  101. The NBC network has lost its way since it was purchased by GE. The network has lost its professionalism and journalistic integrity and, as a result, we’ve given up on all NBC network programming.

    The lone exception was watching the morning news with Schauble and Bjorkland and now that they’re both gone I’m done with even the local NBC programming. There is no more channel 4 for us.

  102. And who is that Andy Adler woman? She tries waaay too hard and is terribly annoying. What happened to your other reporters? Did you get rid of them because they were too old? Too professional? Too experieced? NBC’s local news is looking like a women’s fashion show.

  103. I used to watch the morning news regularly. I saw the program that day. It wasn’t that big of a deal! NBC seriously made the program worse just to punish him? Well I watch channel 7 now because the women are just plain stupid and that’s putting it mildly. WTF wrong with NBC?

  104. I want Chris back!!! He’s my favorite and I miss seeing him. I don’t care about his WTF moment, NBC. Bring him back!

  105. Please bring Chris back!! He was a classy edition to NBC morning news — a true professional. Wasn’t this all really the fault of the person who messed up the pictures and program? Come on people! Be real. You will soon lose him to another station, and then I will switch to it!

  106. Chris is an excellent anchor. The morning show is not the same. His professionism and knowledge base made the morning show interesting and informative. He is needed to balance the show. I also miss his workout segments. Please bring him back to the week-day morning show.

  107. Bring Chris back! He added class and the voice of authority to the news program. Forgiveness is the key. It’s obvious it was not done on purpose and I can understand his apparent frustration. All of us have had a moment like that…ALL of us! Bring him back or you’ll lose a lot of views to other networks, myself included.

  108. I think I agree that Chris should be out for a while but . . . I agree the girls are giggly. With Chris, Jennifer, Elita it was a much better presentation then the current situation. Maybe one of the other field reporters (a male) could just be there even if it were not an anchor position. I dislike the morning news on other channels especially 5 and 9 and am growing less fond of channel 4.

  109. It was a while before I realized Chris’ move wasn’t just part of the “anchor shuffle” KNBC was doing. I agree with whomever said that the morning news is a little like watching ‘The View” – whenever I watch I feel like I’m the only guy at a wedding shower! If they don’t make a change soon, here’s another viewer that will go elsewhere. They should bring back Chris or, if another station is smart enough to pick him up first, then perhaps Robert Kovacik?

  110. You have to be kidding. First you take Jennifer off and replace her with someone who looks good but has no personallity. Now Chris is gone. I also watch it for Elita now, but I’m probably going to change news stations soon if Chris isn’t brought back soon!

  111. The whole world has heard and said the word FUCK off and on the air. A mistake was done with the videos and he reacted. NBC should apologize for the screw up they comitted not for Chris. I thought he was on vacation and was waiting for him to come back, I have since gone to CHANNEL 7. You know Chris, something good always comes from something bad or in this case so rediculous.


  113. I’m sure the executives in charge have made a few mistakes. He didn’t actually say the words he just mouthed them. Not really a big deal, since we as consumers are spoon fed so many sexual inuindos by channel 4. Seems like a double standard to me. I think the executives wanted to get rid of him. This was probably in the works. They were waiting for him to mess up. Make a mistake. Maybe the executives want someone as the same color as alicia and elita. I am sure their searching for the right guy, or maybe they already have him. Also, when you are black I think it is alot harder. I’m a white male so I can only imagine have much racism their is in the business. Don’t see alot of men of color on tv broadcasting. Oh, there is a black /white guy on channel 5. We don’t want to offend our consumers in Ventura, T.O, or calabases. I remember Jason Carroll was on some station back in the late 90’s and he made one mistake on air and he was gone. Think he works for CNN in New York. Maybe Chris will find a better station to work for.

  114. This is absolutely ridiculous. First you got rid of Kathy Vera and Kent Shocknek years ago, then Kelly Mack, then Paul Moyer. I love Kathy Vera being back, Alysia doesn’t has a personality, she tries way too hard. Bring Chris Shauble back he brought CLASS, he and Kathy would be a great team. What’s the real reason NBC, you put in newer anchors to lower your cost, unfortunately NBC is going to lose the viewers.

  115. I’ve switched to KABC since Chris left. I think the WTF moment is an excuse. Someone was going the minute Kathy showed up.

  116. Bring Chris back! Chris is an excellent anchor and deserves to be back anchoring the morning show. I agree with other comments, perhaps Kathy and Chris. Just too many women!

  117. I stopped watching it when they got rid of Hermey the Elf… I mean Kent Schocknek. They have gone through so many changes over there. I don’t like Chris, he’s not real user friendly for me, but I do think, from what I saw, it was stupid. Kids say it all the time, it’s actually become part of our language. The networks, NBC, ABC and CBS need to be freed from the language restrictions. they shouldn’t be continually saying “F” but why cant the content on HBO be shown on NBC at 9 pm? Why do the networks remain in a postion where they are “protecting” us from bad words and violent. The world would not end if True Blood and Hung and Entourage, Mad Men, shows like that were on NBC or ABC. We are just way too sensitive. At least the idiots who call the shots are.


  118. I can’t stand that tv stations make people disappear without a word, why not explain the situation, we are all adults out here, that’s my number one point. Second not that I was a big fan of Mr. Schnauble or Jenifer Bjorkland, however when they were on it was the best news show in the morning compared to the others. I don’t understand what idiots are running knbc? Kamakazie pilots??

    With the country, the state as well as the city knbc serves, it amazes me that very little time is devoted to stories that effect all of us. Wake up everyone, the media is keeping you in the dark. The state is in the hole for more than 22 billion and all we here about is celebrity bikini waxes and more weather info every two minutes than we can stand.

    Your news cat in general does the public no good, especially now with the giggling “boob fest” we are now being fed each morning. I to have watched knbc for as long as I can remember, I am 57, but I am done and will now go and find something better.

    Wake you idiots in Burbank!

  119. Okay enough is enough. Bring Chris back. The two lameos now anchoring will drive me to another station.

  120. Please bring CHRIS back!
    I can hardly watch these giggly women! In fact most of the time I just go to ABC because
    I can’t stand these women. They are awful. I can’t stand ELITA’S ridiculous outfits. She
    is a really good weather report, but why she dresses like a little trampy 17 year
    old is beyond me! Who is dressing her or letting her get away with these outfits?

  121. I have been looking for Chris Schauble in the mornings and figuered he was on vacation, but after awhile I began to wonder what happened to him. I googled him and read what happened. We as a people have to remember that we are all human and mistakes are going to be made. To the management team, put yourselves in his place and ask yourself if you would like to be given a second chance?

    Chris Schauble needs to return to the morning news. I have been watching ABC in the morning and I am not happy. Please reconsider your actions and return Chris Schauble to the NBC morning news.

  122. Chris Schauble made the show. I can’t stand it without him. I don’t like an all woman presentation-it gets too onesided and silly. Kathy is great, but Alysia is about as boring as they come. What is the station thinking? It it trying to get rid of its viewers?

  123. I really miss Chris. I can’t stand the “The KNBC View” cackling hens need a rooster…I’m news surfing these days…WTKNBC?

  124. Give me a break! I’m a 69 year old teacher and I hear the F word hundreds of times a day out of the months of children. Chris just mouthed it and some jerk at NBC has a fit. I bet the persons kids say it all the time and they aren’t called on it. I miss Chris. I will now stop watching the moring show. It is DULL without him.

  125. I watched Chris for a while until I realized that his mannerisms were completely unnatural. He jerks his head around as though he has some kind of mental or physical problem. I was giving the station kudos for hiring the disabled. Now it seems that his behavior is normal for him. I stopped watching him long ago…just couldn’t stand his voice nor his jerky movements. When I saw him as a reporter recently, I turned him off as he seemed to force the report and try to make it more important than it was.

    To each his own.

  126. I can’t bring myself to watch the morning show any longer. I have gone to channel 5. Not because I like them better but I can’t watch the Trainwreck of a show any longer. I wonder if the management in charge of Today LA needs to be changed- clearly the morning show continues to disapoint. Will they listen to their audience or do they even care about their audience? Alicia Lane is about the nastiest, most self centered person I’ve ever seen do the news- and she was supposed to replace Jennifer Bjorkland- are you kidding me? What a mistake to break up the Chris, Jennifer and Elita team.

  127. OMG! First Jennifer, then Chris -KNBC mgmt, you are incompetent. Kathy, Alyssia and Elita are terrible: LOL. I’m now watching channel 2. Geez.

  128. OMG! First Jennifer, then Chris -KNBC mgmt, you are incompetent. Kathy, Alyssia and Elita are terrible: LOL. I’m now watching channel 2. Geez. Who is the girl, Sean Murphy?

  129. OMG! First Jennifer, then Chris -KNBC mgmt, you are incompetent. Kathy, Alyssia and Elita are terrible: LOL. I’m now watching channel 2. Geez. Who is the traffic girl- Sean Murphy?

  130. Jennifer Bjorklund was good and cute…new girl Lane is a tramp. She had lots of problems back East google it.

  131. We Miss Chris!!! Bring him back. The show needs him. He is a great professional that made an honest mistake. GET OVER IT!

  132. I can’t stand the giggle city that is now the morning news, today was my last morning, I’m off to channel 7. Bring Chris back and I”ll come back!

  133. Sorry to hear that. Worse yet-sorry to see him mouth that phrase! I was wondering what happened to him and well, I was shocked and lost respect when I saw it.

    Yes, we all make mistakes and I realize he was a terrific anchor. But come on now….haven’t we all become too complacent in lowering our standards and morals? If our children are expected to live up to standards to keep this country going, shouldn’t our television personalities and professionals be required to set good examples? Or are we all losing our “marbles” and simply-nobody cares anymore?

    I enjoyed Chris as much as everyone else, and yes, I wish he was still on. However, complacency has brought our society, country and economy to its demise. It’s time to stand up, get real and rebuild-character, morals, values and ethics.

  134. I definitely miss Chris. HIs style of reporting,his charm and warmth were the reasons I watched KNBC…not any more .

  135. I was so saddened to find this post. Every morning I turn on channel 4 to see if he is back from what I thought was a vacation, when I don’t see him in his seat I change the channel and watch other news. I really enjoyed his workout segments and I gained great respect in him with his marathon running. He not only was a good anchor but he is a great example of getting in shape and helping people get in shape.

    I have raised 3 great young adults, very respectful and loving, all 3 educated (youngest is about to start her college life) I mention this because I do not agree with the posting about standards and morals. If you raise your children with standards and morals but also with the knowledge that we are all human and as humans we make mistakes. They won’t judge others for small mistakes but they will hopefully realize that with mistakes come apologies and a lesson learned. Saying WTF is definitely not the end of the world and in this horrible economy it shouldn’t be a demotion for a Father who is working to support his family. That is the bigger issue here to me….how scarey is our society that you better be 100% …. 100% of the the time or face life altering changes. NONE of us are that perfect!!
    I agree our country is on a decline and complacency is not a good thing but in this case a local news man that mouthed the words getting demoted is not going to change our future. No one except his poor family will even learn a lesson here. An apology was suffice.

  136. Please add me to the list of those going elsewhere to watch the morning news. NBC has been the ONLY station I would ever watch in the morning, until now. Chris was the true anchor, and now there is no “substance”. He is a wholesome, family man with a real presence and who holds the program together. Please don’t drop your standards to that of so many of the other news programs with the cackling women. Kathy, Alyssia and Alita are professional and do a great job, but desperately need Chris to bring it back to the Number 1 news program it’s always been (and not all these blah substitute guys that really aren’t making it happen). NBC, PLEASE listen to your listeners!!! I, too, am going to another station, probably Channel 5, until he returns. And shame on the one who didn’t let him know the camera was back on him.

  137. My husband & I just got back from an extended vacation and kept waiting for Chris to show up – maybe he too was on vacation?… Kona IronMan is not until October…. ?

    So today I discover the suits at KNBC elected to shoot themselves in the collective foot by removing the best man on their week day morning news program. Seriously? By removing Chris from this postion we feel you have removed the cornerstone and strongest newsperson on this program. The error Chris made was a mistake – an accident. Apparently the viewers are adults and understand this. Wonder why the KNBC executives did not. Whomever at KNBC sanctioned this short-sighted, knee-jerk reaction and bad move will regret it from the looks of the viewers that will turn to other stations for their morning news. We certainly will.

  138. Wow, news is just not the same anymore. After awakening from a long illness battle, Chris is no longer an anchor and now we have woman hackling continuously. Chris was a monumental anchor and i looked forward to his daily workouts. Looks like I have to move back to Fox, which has more local news & hackling men & women. We miss you Chris, please come back to morning news.

  139. Bring back Chis!
    I, too, cannot watch the channel 4 news without him. This is all so ridiculous and crazy. Please send all these above comments to the big “cheeses” at NBC.
    Put Chris back on the news NOW!

  140. I also wondered why there was no mentioning of Chris’ whreabouts and am shocked to see the reason that Chris is no longer on the morning show. Especially, in this Hollywood infested area that fills the daily airwaves with trash talk and trash people. Chris was professional, articulate and motivating with the daily workouts tips (only wish they had been longer). I’m a female who likes to see professional (actually more important than big boobed) women on TV but the 3 cackling ones on the current show are irritating to me and I have already started changing channels. Hopefully, managment will soon recognize their error with their ridiculous kneejerk decision and get Chris back on KNBC.

  141. Please bring Chris & Jennifer back to the morning news. They had a great rapport, & I enjoyed watching them.
    Watching the blank-stared Alyssia and the frowning Elita makes me switch to Channel 7. What HAS happened to NBC?
    Why are they not responding to viewer’s concerns? And, while we are on the Elita bandwagon, why doesn’t NBC hire an actual meteoroligist for the forecasting? Channel 2 & 9 have several, and Channel 7 has one.


  142. Chris, I used to see you on the news in Denver. When I moved back to L.A. in 2008 I was supprised to see your familiar face here in L.A.
    I enjoy seeing your fitness reports and anchoring the morning news, and am looking froward to your return.

  143. This is absolutely ridiculous. I started watching CBS news this morning. I watched Today in LA for the news, as reported by Chris, and of course love Elita, but now they have started reporting on Catering trucks and all sorts of irrelevant crap. Time for CBS or ABC. If NBC brings Chris back, I will again tune in, otherwise, off to CBS and ABC.

  144. Without Chris the CBS morning show IS NOT the caliber it used to be. Please bring him back. The show needs him!!

  145. Please bring Chris back! I really miss him! It’s just not the same without him! For the first time I am now switching to channel 7. Can you please report on what the viewer ratio was and is now that he is gone?

  146. I’m off to other channels as well. OK, so Chris made a mistake. I suppose it’s the first one ever made on live TV. Big deal. You dumped Jennifer Bjorkland for that airhead Kathy and those other 2 gigglers. I’ve watched KNBC morning news for well over 10+ years, but I’ll go somewhere else.

  147. Can’t stand to watch the news with Kathy Vara. PLEASE bring Chris back. He is the only reason I enjoyed watching it. Watching Kathy Vara is like having the chalkboard scratched with a nail. I can’t tolerate the morning show anymore. BRING CHRIS back!!!! She is unbearable.

  148. KNBC management,

    Are you getting the point? You have taken the mistake he made and YOU turned it into a PR issue. People really like Chris! You should have let him apologize and then moved on. Your current combination of talent gives your news show a small market feel. It does represent Los Angeles well. If you decide not to bring Chris back then at least fix what you replaced him with so that it marketable.

  149. I do not believe a man with a family would be judged so harsh in these times for a mistake even though he did not say the word. Chris is an asset to your morning news cast and I have decided to boycott all of channel 4 newscast moving forward because of this. It was horrible to watch this morning. Please get him back on asap. Hello ABC.

  150. To All,

    Bring Chris “BACK” to the morning news it’s not the same – everyone makes a mistake at one time or another I know he’s apologize and regrets that it was caught on the air. He have paid his dues so let move on and bring the morning news ratings back UP!. I have been a loyal morning news watcher for years (bring him back, and lets move on).

  151. I am about to jump ship. I have woken up to the NBC morning news for over 28 years. I realize a mistake was made, banning Chris off the morning show has gone to far. Even God forgives if we repent. Watching the ladies in the morning just isn’t cutting it. Then it seems like a double a stardard Elita can wear clothes that show every curve for every young man to see, and nothting is done or said about that. The computer guy was there before, but I am not feeling the new traffic guy. They mentioned that they have brought back some males but these males are not working. Bring Chris Back!

  152. I am about to jump ship. I have woken up tohe KNBC morning news for over 28 years. I realize a mistake was made. Banning Chris off the show has gone to far. Even God forgives if we repent. Then it seems like a double atardard, ‘elita can wear reveling clothing for everyone to see including young males and nothing is done or sid about that. Watching the ladies in the morining just isn’t cutting it. The new computer guy and the new traffic guy are not the males that would make me want to watch the show. Bring Chris Back!

  153. I have watched channel 4 news in the mornings for decades; even back when Ann Curry did the world news slot before the local news started. Being a vacationing school teacher I wake up later in the summer but I am still able to see a little of it. For the last few mornings I have been wondering what happened to Chris and I discovered in a conversation with a friend this week that Chris has been demoted. I get it that he made a mistake but this is ridiculous! An apology should suffice and he should get his position back. I will not continue to watch Today in LA if he does not come back. BRING CHRIS BACK!!!!

  154. Yeah, Bring him Back.

    This is really petty. I’m starting to look around. Although, maybe he’ll get a better job hopefully in the LA market. He has a real good chance of getting better treatment. Management was obviously looking for an excuse.
    Fire up that resume buddy !

  155. I have been a loyal viewer for several years. First you replace Jennifer and now remove Chris for an action that frankly any normal person would do if in his position. You are going to lose ALOT of viewers if you do not bring Chris back. Ask yourselves – did anyone really even complain about his action? You made a statement by removing him, now look after your ratings and bring his back. He’s the only one with any level of credibility – without him – it’s simply second rate.

  156. WTF ?. Thats what I said to my wife when we found out Chris was no longer on the morning show. We have since been watching ktla 5 for our morning news, they are professional and dont try to sell their programming with fake women. The show needs the leadership of Chris. without him those women seem lost and confused. I will go back to nbc when Schauble comes back.

  157. I like Chris, miss him in the morning. That said these three girls are too giggly. Need a male anchor in the morning. Commercial running on being a yogi and an equestrian that they run is over the top

  158. I have tried to give this a fair chance, but I have to say that the morning news is not the same without Chris Schauble. I hope that NBC listens to its viewers. Based on most of the comments posted, he is missed. I have watched the Channel 4 morning news for many years and I’m quite disappointed with the team now. I turn back to watch the Today Show. Please – bring Chris back. He is an asset to NBC and to the morning news and does not deserve to be demoted.

  159. What more can I say…bring Chris back! He’s the only reason I watch news in the morning. I don’t care for the new format and have decided to switch from NBC to KTLA. If Chris returns, I’ll return.

  160. I miss chris… give him a break- he is the only reason I watch channel 4 and now I have to go back to local 3 which is nothing but news about high school football and santa barbara commercials…. BRING BACK CHRIS! BRING BACK CHRIS! BRING BACK CHRIS!

  161. Put Chris back on or I will start my day with another new channel. Come on, we’re in 2010, not the 1920’s. He’s a good flavor to the morning show. I enjoyed his morning workout suggestions. Bring him back!!!!!!



  164. I really miss Chris and I was wondering what happened to Chris. Come on ch 4 an apology would have and should have been sufficient. Management has made huge mistake. Please fix it before you lose more am viewers

  165. I had been wondering if Chris was on a very long vacation and finally remembered to check the internet to find out if there was any mention of why he’s been missing in action on Channel 4. Come on, NBC — what Chris did seems like a very minor infraction and the punishment awfully severe. Since moving to SoCal two years ago, I have enjoyed waking up to his voice every morning and think he’s a tremendous asset to Today in LA. I miss Chris and hope management will come to their senses and reinstate him ASAP. He is sorely missed.

  166. Wow, I have read many of the posts here and everyone has positive things to say about Chris Schauble, including myself. I thought perhaps he was on vacation. I decided to research it and now I find out he’s off the air for what I consider a forgivable/minor infraction. I always gravitate to NBC, channel 4 in the mornings, because Schauble brings a certain spark to the show, while teamed up with the other crew members. Without him, the freshness and liveliness is gone.

    I appeal to management to bring him back, because the man has skills. I understand he should be counseled, however let’s move on and let’s be progressive about it. As many in these posts have stated, we all make mistakes and it’s an all inclusive learning experience. He’s attracted many viewers, myself included. I like the diversity of this morning news show, because it was somewhat representative of LA’s demographics. I do not consider this a major offense and I look forward to his return. Thanks.

  167. Not enjoying the AM news without Chris Schauble. And what’s with the new traffic guy Sean Murphy? He needs to go back to wherever he came from. Time to look elsewhere for my AM news fix.

  168. I think this is rediculous! PLEASE BRING CHRIS SCHAUBLE BACK! The news is boring! Obviously by the posts of other people are commenting that they want him back. I have been watching channel 4 news for years !

  169. Don’t you think it’s time you stop shooting yourselves in the foot! AM news is just not what is was with Chris. I had often remarked how articulate, good looking, and a great voice, Chris is, albeit Kathy and Alicia do a good job, Kathy is better by herself. We all make mistakes. Even MSNBC, e.g., Kent and Kathy, Christopher Nance, Rachel, Steve (traffic) and now Christopher S.. I only hope you listen to your viewers this time. Shame on your unforgiving ways.

  170. I am ready to not watch nbc news in the am. Chris is the best. The girls are driving me crazy – I start flipping to other statiions! BRING HIM BACK! The whole thing is stupid!

  171. Everyone makes mistakes taking chris off the morning show was the biggest mistake you could ever make. He was the only reason I WATCHED THE NEWS AT 5:00 AM. Please bring him back

  172. Please bring Chris back, he was great, professional at all times and he brought the best to early morning news. Everyone makes mistake, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person and he was such a gentleman and a sweetheart, he and his family are wonderful people. Channel 4 really need him back, I will be watch change 2 until he returns.

  173. Watching ABC in the mornings now because Chris is gone. Although I like each woman individually, it just doesn’t work with all of them alone together. I was a loyal NBC viewer and would like to see him return. He is very articulate and professional yet has a charming demeanor.

  174. We not only miss Chris Schauble, but where is Robert Kovask????? We have been loyal fans of Channel 4 for MANY YEARS!!!!!! Doesn’t someone deserve the benefit of the DOUBT????? From now on, we will be switching to Channel 2, where we will find Kent Schonick, maybe Chris and Robert too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. I’ve been watching the morning show as long as I can remember, and Chris was one of the best things to happen to that show. I will be watching another channel tell his return. I can’t stand watching those two women. Don’t care for either of them.
    Bring back Chris soon, so I can return to the morning show. Elita is great but that new traffic guy is terrible. You have really wreaked a good show.

  176. This site, and several others, seems to be full of posts from people calling for KNBC to bring Chris back to early morning news. I share that desire, and have also posted my comments.

    BUT…I recently had a conversation with a KNBC insider who told me that NO ONE has contacted the station about Chris……until today, I was among the guilty….plenty to say outside, but never letting KNBC know how I feel about their move.

    Join me…contact KNBC directly at…..voice your complaints! Call them, write them, do whatever is necessary to make our dissatisfaction heard!

  177. Chris was a class act….my wife and I hate that he’s been replaced for such a minor mistake….Honestly the punshment certainly doesn’t fit the crime….He just “mouthed the words” and if you see the video, he said it so quickly it was hard to even tell it was even said….We’re all human and we all make mistakes….Please return Chris BACK to the morning show…Our morning have not been the same….!!
    It’s very clear the new morning crew…do not really like each other….the new guy doesn’t even know the LA area…he mispronouces some of our cities and local communies..The fake laughter from the woman really gets on our nerves….

  178. I am definitely done with NBC without Chris Schauble. He brought the best to early morning news. Not excited about that traffic guy either. Too many changes NBC! This viewer is gone

  179. Please bring Chris back, it is very difficult to watch the morning news when all the two young women just talk and giggle about everything!! We need Chris back or I will be going to another station soon. He has been gone long enough and has paid his dues!!! I really don’t think it was that bad what he did in the first place!!

  180. As many people voicing how we want Chris back to the morning news, we should put together a petition of signatures to submit to the station.. May not help change the decision makers but it would make NEWS!!!

  181. Ditto to 99% of the previous posts. Chris was great, it was a minor mistake, he should never have been forced out,
    he should be brought back now. While I do enjoy drooling over the 3 girls, I can’t take the yakking and giggling –
    save it for the commercials! Chris brought the right touch of seriousness and professionalism to the mix that is now
    just lacking. Bring him back or I am gone.

  182. Chris was professional, intelligent, informative and the program is not the same without him. Bring him back or I will follow the other writers and go to channel 7.

  183. I watched channel 4 news while on the treadmill M – F 5:30 am to 6:15 am. The show is not the same since Chris left. Kathy Vara is terrible. There is too much giggling. I have now switched to CNN. Also who cares what he mouthed. At that time in the morning I can almost bet there are no young children watching the news at that time only adults who probably say the same thing at least once a day. BRING CHRIS BACK !!!

  184. I agree with everyone else. Bring Chris back. The current line up is annoying and I, too, am looking around for another morning news program to watch. Mgmt–are you listening to your audience–at least what’s left of it.

  185. Please bring Chris S. back. I am getting bored watching Alycia Lane, she’s pretty but she sucks with her segues! I like watching Kathy (though she does get too giggly) and Elita (but she can be so distracting… not her fault though ; )

    Without Chris I find watching the morning news at another station a much better choice. NBC , PLEASE BRING CHRIS S. BACK….. soon!!!!

  186. I have been loyal to KNBC morning news mainly because of Chris. He is exactly what he morning news lineup needed. Chris is a professional anchor who made a very minor mistake. I will not continue watching if he doesn’t return. Handling any situation with a disappearing act is insulting to your viewers. I had to Google search to find out what happened to Chris. We teach our children that when (when because no one is perfect and WE ALL make mistakes) to apologize and learn from your mistakes. Talk to your viewers, allow Chris to apologize, and move on. This must be very difficult for Chris. I hope he knows that we miss him and all is forgiven.

  187. I honestly had not watched the channel 4 morning news in months because I had gotten tired of his arrogance. His workout updates had nothing to do with what I was interested in watching while getting ready for work (after running 10 K at the Rose Bowl, by the way). I switched to channel 2 morning news. I don’t miss him at all……

  188. Please bring Chris back. The ladies alone are very boring not to mention how strange it is to be viewing (2) female news anchors at the same time. I’ve been wondering about Chris for quite some time (thought he was on vacation). But, then this morning, I began to think ‘it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve seen Chris! Where did he go?’. Decided to google the answer & here I am. It was sad & terrible when we lost Paul. Please don’t let us lose Chris.

  189. Very bad decision NBC. Chris brought professionalism and class to L.A. morning news. Too many women newscasters at one time. No balance. I’ve since moved with reluctance to channel 7.

  190. BRING CHRIS BACK!!! NBC Management How is it possible that a SILENT ‘slip of the tongue’ commanded any punishment? It is widely known that East Coaster, Alycia Lane had an office romance with her married co-worker. Lives were ruined when Alycia accidentally sent ‘photos’ of herself to her lover’s wife. Fortunately, Alycia’s behavior propelled her to a TOP NEWS MARKET. Does that mean Chris will be moving to New York to take Matt Lauer’s anchor position on the Today show? Or is this a personal vendetta against Chris? NBC, you owe your viewers an answer.

  191. I was wondering why Chris was gone. I really liked having him on the morning show. Bring him back!!! I do not care for Alycia. She couldn’t properly pronounce Eli Broad or Basquiat. What an idiot.

  192. Please bring back Chris back to the morning news during the week. Kathy Vara is a nice lady but I cannot stand her voice. Chris has a nice baritone voice and is very believable for a news guy.

  193. I bet NBC had to keep all male anchors away from the beautiful alysia lane. She’s a home wrecker from back east. Just look up her history. Chris, stay away if you want to stay married.

  194. I really miss Jennifer Bjorkland and Chris Schauble. I like Kathy, but don’t feel any connection to the brunette that took Jennifer’s place.

  195. I stopped watching the morning news when I found out Chris was not on it – I was planning to start watching again once he returned from what I thought was a forced break because of his slip up (cast first stone sin…comes to mind) but I just googled “what happened to Chris Schauble – and WTF NBC! The all girl format is a joke – I can’t take them serious – it turns into a Fn giggle fest – it isn’t cute or professional and now the commercial you are running on them -“I love my dog and I love LA” ‘I am a yogi” ” I’m and equestrian and an anchor” really – who cares – just do good reporting on the morning news – that’s what I care about – and it isn’t happening. What’s your agenda NBC?
    Obviously not having viewers is one of them!

  196. Chris and Jennifer were competent, serious newscsasters. True professionals. Enough of this titterings with the gleesome threesome, At 6:00 a.m. they are a bit (actually,way TOO much! It’s not all about youth and reparte, NBC. I want the news – not a bunch of women giggling like teenagers.

  197. I have been an A.M. viewer since 1986 thks to my mom while I was in high school.After reading ALL of your comments,which by the way were very somber,heartfelt,passionate & informative. There is one fact that escaped us all,NBC does NOT care what U (the viewer) thinks or feel.Ask Conan O’Brien, his family,staff,musicians who all re-located to the city of angels.The bottom line is $.Perhaps ask Christopher Nance or the whole Host of NBCla news staff that have fled on their own?When I read his lips I thought he said “Wireless Telecommunications Facility”?I work for Verizon Wireless.

  198. What a sad shame so lose my TV friend, Chris Schauble, to some nonaudible mishap. He was the stable force of the am team. I just tonight found out what had happened and why I couldn’t find him at a dependable time. Somebody is missing the boat. The is a HIGH CLASS TV personality. Somebody at NBC needs to get their head on straight and properly evaluate this fine TV broadcaster!

  199. Bring Schauble back, Bring Schauble back, Bring Schauble back!!!!!! I just found out this am what happened after I googled his name before switching to Channel 7. Bring Schauble Back, bring Schauble back, bring Schauble back!!!

  200. Bring Schauble back, Bring Schauble back, Bring Schauble back!!!!!! I just found out this am what happened after I googled his name before switching to Channel 7

  201. I have always started my day with KNBC. Chris Schauble has always been my favorite – smart, personable and really carried the broadcast. Nothing wrong with Kathy Vara, but the show is a little lame now – the “girl power” stuff has to go. In fact, without Chris I am going to start looking at other morning newscasts. Today in LA is not nearly as “classy” and bright without Chris. I believe he has been sufficinetly for his gaffe and needs to be reinstated.

  202. Once NBC replaced Jennifer with Ms. Giggles, I only watched the early show because of Chris. He has such class and his demeanor has always been once of professionalism. Of course, the networks think they know everything about the public when they decide to move their people around or get rid of them. Wake up, Execs at NBC, You blew it, big time!!! We, who get up at the crack of dawn, rely on the news anchors to set the mode of the day. jennifer & Chris are a perfect team as neither one seemed to want to outdo the other. I felt that they respected one another’s talents and were an asset to one another. I decided to move to another channel because of the three ladies, and the traffic reporters. Alita is good for weather- should she aspire to be an anchor, she better find other people to be her mentors. Kathy and Lane do not make me want to listen to their dribble. It sounds as if they find humor in every story, and the girly style doesn’t suit me at all. I hope that another network picks up Chris and gives him the showcase he deserves. I, along with millions of others, will be waiting to see where he will go. Once thing is for sure, NBC will lose in more ways than one: now Kathy and Alicia – make some humor out of this storyline. None of us will be laughing or watching!!

  203. Bring Chris back! I miss him, ok, ok, he mouthed a horrible phrase, but he did his time. I miss him, his morning exercise bit. It’s what I need to hear to motivate me in the morning. I miss him. Also, get rid of Sean Murphy!

  204. Good for Today In LA. Our society has become so used to using profanity, that it’s used like grammatically correct adjectives. The news is supposed to be the height of professionalism, especially in such a major city as LA. Even “nice guys” have to follow rules.

  205. All I can say, is I am happy with CBS local news. They are well balanced and great in their presentation of the local news. I do watch the Today Show but I am through with Today in LA!

  206. I was wondering what happened to Chris. I hate…I mean cannot look at this new line up! I stopped watching channel 4 and have gone to channel 7. I understand if a mistake was made he needed correction, but to punish the loyal early morning viewers seems to defeat the purpose. Just like some of the viewers were ticked at his mouthing of WTF, I’m ticked that they won’t bring Chris back!! I hope he stays in L.A. and I’ll be looking and following him.

  207. Seems like an excuse to put Kathy Viera back as an anchor…they brought her back to the morning news from her stint @ ABC as a reporter for special projects, but maybe the real reason was to give her the anchor spot again.
    Put Chris back on the air!!! I changed to CBS (an ok substitute for now) so I could at least watch someone with a personality give the news.
    I won’t go back to NBC ’til Chris is back! I enjoyed his professionalism & his personality. Now, it’s just girly girly things. BORING!

  208. Off to ABC I go…. without Jennifer and Chris, NBC mornings suck now. EXC’s get a clue, bring back the real team of Jen and Chris …..

  209. I hate the morning news on Channel 4 now. What happened to Jennifer?? Alicia Lane and kathy stink! They keep talking about themselves. Remember when Good Morning America changed Vargas and that guy years ago? They were so snarky with their attitude, they were removed in a month. Have you seen the promos for Channel 4? “I’m a yogi..” Who gives a rat’s patooti?? Now I have to watch Channel 7 then switch to the Today show – and I still think meredith is a twit.

  210. this morning show is now enough………need Chris back. I cannot watch anymore…bring HIMMMMMM back

  211. Chris brought depth, insight, and class to the news reporting. It’s amazing how the media has double standards. It was an exclamation of surprise in an awkward moment. Cut the guy some slack!

  212. I stopped watching after Chris left, now I’m watching channel 7. Everyone desrve a second chance. He’s only human.

  213. I was glad to see him go. I was already watching other morning shows and he was the soul reason. His irritating snapping of his head in a downward glare at the next news person drove me right over the edge. Now I watch this news cast every morning. What a pleasant way to wakeup to these fun attractive ladies with personalities that have blossomed now that that stiff is gone.

  214. Really, if you watch the local news as much as I do because of my habit of waking up every morning at 4:00, you realize they can usually cover it in about 20 minutes before they start repeating and filling in with all kinds of non- news worthy human interest sort of trivia. Chris was way to serious and awkward for this kind of role. The girls and the wimpy traffic man make this a much better casual broadcast for my morning cup of coffee. Good job NBC, keep Mr Buff in his ” Ultra serious” brief little workout segments.

  215. Your an idiot NBC…. what’s that fools name who ran nbc for a short while. If you can read lips youd know . GET OVER IT bring Chris back you corporate fools

    Art Maeda

  216. I know Chris Nance turned out to be the employee from hell for you guys. I hope that Schauble is not like that. Please bring him back. If anything, the slight WTF comment added a little spice to your boring news program. I know you guys are the lowest rated news program. I don’t know why I watch, but I do. Bring him back please and boot Vara. I think her plain looks are fine. My husband says she’s not pretty enough, but I don’t think that’s fair. Plain and ugly people should have a chance to be on TV too. Do you think Elita will give me the name of her plastic surgeon?


  218. I agree with Mitch. In 1986 Boston, a weatherman apparently poked fun @ former TODAY weatherman, Willard Scott. That cost him his chief position. He spent a 3 year stint on mornings, sat in as chief for a year, went back to mornings for two more years, and moved back to chief until 1998. Mistakes do happen, and we are only human. C’mon, give us a break!! Sorry Chris for the move. I hope you return to mornings again! You’re a vibrant anchor who should be on that slot.

  219. after chris was taken off the air on week days, i stopped watching. i now watch channel 7 phillip and leslie. when chris comes back i will to.

  220. we need to start a we miss chris movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The news team is horrible without Chris!!!!!!!!!
    We miss chris!!!!!!

  221. Hope you come back…..NBC such a winnie station. Dumb ass heads always make stupid errors WHAT THE FUCK

  222. I have to say, I never watch local news channels anymore. All you see are young girls basically, dressed like they’re headed to a nightclub and boobs real or not flashed all over the screen. What caught my attention was an opening that was so awkward as if they all hate each other. God what these stations do for ratings is sick. BRING BACK THE PROFESSIONALS!

  223. I agree about bringing him back. I had to watch it three times because I was like WTF cause I didn’t hear it. Than i had to review it the third time slowly to see how he ‘mouthed it”.. Come one people- REALLY!! If I missed it that fast, I’m sure others too…

  224. ktla is what i watch scene Chris is gone and has anybody noticed knbc has no helicopter that why their traffic report sucks how much cheep can knbc get i mean ktla is really good from 4:30-7:00 i had no idea that frank Buckley was that good of an anchor. and Henry dicarlo is very good for weather.

  225. I do not to tune into KNBC since Chris left. The current lineup is poor and the ‘chatty’ anchors are irritating and cannot hold the attention of the viewer. Come on KNBC……wakeup!!!! BTW: I switched over to KTLA and will not return to KNBC until the newscast improves.

  226. Today, KTLA (Channel 5) anounced that Chris will be joining their early morning news team beginning next Monday, March 14.

  227. wow that’s awesome i m so glad for him now ktla need to get a good co-anchor for ktla5news at 6&10 and ktla could give kcal a run for their money.

  228. I SIGNED ON TO MAKE THE POST, THAT CHRIS IS JOINING KTLA, I SEE OTHER “FANS” HAVE BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH!! Chris is great, I never watched KNBC after he left, Kathy Vara “did notheing for me”…so flat, and Elita is just “air”…I will watch Chris whererver he goes. I recalled hearing his co-anchors name “Bjorkland” somewhere in the news….Yea Chris, Yea KTLA!!!

  229. I dont miss him at all. He’s now on channel 5 with those bunch of plastic anchors where he truly belongs. Good riddance to him.

  230. Not so much a reply to Joe, didn’t know where else to put it!!! . But when I came to this area from the Midwest, I thought the collection of female weather reporters are so much fluff. Is this the way to break into the movies? There isn’t one that I watch, of all the stations. and Jillian on Fox heads the list of fluff!!!

  231. Chris Schauble is now on channel 5 news from 4 – 7 am. Glad to see him back…. I’ve now changed from KNBC. They really messed up when they moved Chris and Jennifer away from the morning news!


  233. He’s still not back???? You, NBC, have lost many viewers for the news to KTLA were Chris Schauble is now. DUMB MOVE!!!!!


  234. I know Elita Loresca is nice looking, but if you think she will keep an audiance over Chris Shauble, when there are weather forecaster such as Jackie Johnson, Dallas Rains, plus the new women on channel 9, you have lost your minds or eyesight or maybe both!! HEY EVERYBODY CHRIS SHAUBLE IS AT KTLA CHANNEL 5 IN LOS ANGELES.


  235. Chris is great, miss him! I am sorry but every other channel has someone more attractive than Elita. Her large facial features look like an animal!!!

  236. I can believe that KNBC dumped Chris. He was the best thing about the morning news. Now the olny thing holding any viewers is Elita. I just did the research today after I saw him on KTLA. Good for them. He is a GREAT addition to their morning lineup. NBC should have gotten a clue that the “chatty/gigglie” girls were not cutting it. I turned away ages ago and so happy to now find Chris. I wonder what Jennifer did?!!!! Pat

  237. Channel 4 are they are the ones that are loosing . Chris is an outstanding news man, The morning news was nice when he was working. Shame on channel 4, anybody can make a mistake. He does not belong to channel 5 news.

  238. Chris is one Channel 5 KTLA in the morning now. I just found him! I don’t want to spend my morning looking at a bunch of women and a puffy eyed traffic guy.

  239. We really miss Chris Schauble on the morning news on channel 4 and also Jennifer Bjorklund. These days it’s just the two girls giggling, which is a real turn off. Bye Bye channel 4 morning news!!!!

  240. What a shame for Channel 4 to do this to Chris. Now the morning show turns out to be an all girlie talk show. Using these retreads from other stations smells. And how about the traffic guy? Where did they dig him up? Can’t even afford a sport coat. Channels 2, 5 and 7 look better every day. Goodby Channel 4.

  241. Are the suits at KNBC NUTS? This isn’t Charlie Sheen! Chris Schauble added intelligence and true professionalism to Today in L.A., or any other assignment he was given. If all he did was “mouth” three letters, he could have been saying “Why The Fumble?”. YA BUNCH OF PEA BRAINS! A number of years ago, a veteran, long time female anchor on the
    5 or 6 p.m., news said out loud, “What the hell is that?”, in response to a very strange picture which suddenly appeared appeared on screen. I heard it myself! I was shocked, SHOCKED!, (obviously, so was she…), but not offended. It simply cracked me up. They cut to commercial and, upon returning, she was GONE!, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Just like that! GET OVER IT!! Being a “live” on-air personality is a very demanding job. People make mistakes, say the wrong thing, ALL THE TIME! SOMETIMES GIVING INCORRECT INFORMATION. But do they get fired for it? NO!! They apologize, correct their mistake and move on. GET A CLUE! We’re adults. There aren’t too many children watching the news at 4 a.m. AND HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY SAY ANYTHING!!!

    I believe Mr. Schauble is a man of faith, who has worked diligently to build a good life for himself and his family. I respect him tremendously. He happens to have been adopted, apparently by fine and caring people who instilled excellent values in him. He will survive and move beyond this ridiculous episode. God bless you Chris!

  242. OK Chris made a Mistake, But How many new caster has made similar mistakes but it seams to be a patten, that new Castor make a small mistake and ( GONE ) thees STATION Only care about there RATING

  243. One number up on the dial finds Mr. Schauble doing his morning news anchor, It is great addition to their morning show

  244. I just returned from a vacation and by accident, found Chris on KTLA… well, goodbye channel 4, hello KTLA 5.

  245. It’s a shame that KNBC didn’t consider the CONTEXT of the events leading to Schnaulbe’s wtf moment, as in the mistake by the control room selecting the wrong video to run over his story. In that context his high standard of professionalism is what triggered his reaction. Not excusing, just trying to spin it the best way I know how…!
    Schnauble is now on KTLA, which means my channel changed. See ya later KNBC!

    In other news… Maybe if you meatheads quit oogling that fake nasty bolt on boob Elita they might put a REAL woman on as ‘meteorologist’ with a real body and stuff (think Indra Petersons). Elita is attractive enough in an average sort of way but the bolt ons completely remove her from any kind of consideration. meh!

  246. Only care about their ratings?? WTF?? That’s crazy!

    What else would they care about? It’s TV!

  247. Her large fake chest features are a bit icky too. KCBS is no better though, that bimbo seems completely mindless AND has the bolt ons too. KABC’s Indra Petersons is the best option imho.

  248. Missing the class and voice of Chris, I was only watching KNBC because of the weather format (more cities with the temps listed for all areas of So. CA,) but soon got tired of the two giggling girls and fluff of the latest KNBC morning news and switched to Kent Shocknek. When I heard Chris was back on another channel, I was thrilled! Now bring over John Cadiz Klemack to join him, rework the weather format and I will be even more happy. KTLA, you’ve got a good one there!

  249. Channel four needs Chris bad. The new guy is terrible. His voice sucks, he needs to be behind the scene. Chris was the man. He was really smooth.

  250. I have to agree with Flap that the news is absolutely terrible with Veira and Lane. So happy Schauble made it to KTLA. I was already flipping around other news channels trying to avoid the two airheads…

  251. When you lost Chris, you lost the voice of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Take into concideration how many people watched channel 4 only because of Chris. He was clear and consise and everyone respected what he had to say. There are few who could fill his shoes. I would rather see Sheen gone and Chris back. It was a big mistake to take him off the air. Bless him and his family.

  252.  i guess I will have to watch channel 5, because I was watching channel 4 and had to change the channell, I could not watch the anchor person make so many mistakes.  I miss Chris S.  Cannot watch channel 4 any longer.

  253. I was delighted to find Chris on Channel 5 – KTLA – on the 5 to 7 a.m. morning slot

  254. No longer watch KNBC morning news until or if Chris Schauble comes back.  The current anchors just don’t get the jo done.

  255. I’m happy to see Chris on Channel 5. Alyshia on NBC makes too many mistakes and her voice is very crackly. There’s a lack of professionalism especially with the silly banter going on at NBC. Chris was great he kept things moving.  I’m switching channels. Also you couldn’t even hear what he said, it looks like he mouthed something. Alot of people say “What the f” end quote and that looks like what he said. 

  256. After Katrina, the media blamed the lack of response on the Bush administration’s dislike of black people.Can we then conclude from the lack of media coverage and response by the Obama administration that Obama doesn’t like white people?

  257. I watched KNBC news in the mornings for 27 years – until I found out that Chris S was not coming back as an anchor.  That was the last straw for me!  I now watch CBS local news and switch to the Today Show at 7AM. I have lost all respect for the decisions made by KNBC/NBC Universal regarding the whole issue w/Chris S.  I did not know until recently that Chris was an anchor on channel 5 – too late for me to switch I have become attached to the crew at channel 2.  I will, however, follow Chris’s Tweets.

  258. I wish they would take this looney back.. I watch Ktla and I can’t stand listening to this creepnow that he’s on the early show. He is arrogant and annoying! Sick of him!

  259. I guess now I will look at KTLA.  I was wondering where Chris was, guess it is time to switch.

  260. bring Chris Schauble back to the news !!
    I don’t care for Loresca and her store bought boobs!
    Where is Anna Garcia? Like her.

  261. I cannot believe someone as professional and talented as Chris Schauble would be punished for this. He MOUTHED the words and in the media today far worse happens on a daily basis. I think this is ridiculous. I will not watch NBC news anymore. I happened to have met Mr. Schauble while covering my first media event as a reporter and he was so kind to me making certain I had access to interviewees. He did not have to do that and I will always be thankful to him. Such a great man.

  262. re Elita Loresca, and other “Big Racks” on La la land TV News.

    Apparently all you have to have as qualifications to be an Anchor, do Weather or do Traffic in Lost Angeles TV News is 1) Big Tits, 2) be a Beaner with a big Rack, or 3) an Asian with a Boob Job. Just tune into CBS, NBS or ABS (S is intentional), KTittyLA or Fox11.

    Poor Colleen Williams, WAY over the hill for TV even with her absurb “Cougar” hair-do and phatass, now mostly relegated (unless Chucky or the new Burnett Binbo is out for the day) to doing “news” on NBSLA sub-channel 4.2, which no one watches,

  263. Hey we all make mistakes! Right?  I really enjoyed Chris’ personality.  I think NBC made a mistake by letting him go. I might have to switch to KTLA. 

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