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Updated With Video CA-Gov : Jerry Brown Rips on Bill Clinton for Telling the Truth Then Apologizes


Found another copy of the video here

Well, whoever posted the video of Jerry Brown dissing bill Clinton has now taken it down form Youtube. But, here are the juicy quotes:

Jerry Brown has spent much of his race for governor assaulting the character of his Republican rival Meg Whitman. But now, in a jaw-dropping bit of rhetoric, he’s extended his criticism to a former Democratic president, Bill Clinton. And he did so by referring obliquely to Clinton’s dalliance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Meg Whitman. She stops at nothing. She’s even got Clinton lying about me. That’s right. No, did you see that? Where he said I raised taxes. It’s a lie, he told a crowd at an East Los Angeles event Sunday. & I mean Clinton’s a nice guy but whoever said he always told the truth? You remember, right? There’s that whole story there about did he or didn’t he. OK, I did& I did not have taxes with this state.

The last line was a play on Clintons defense against the brewing scandal in early 1998 that he had a relationship with Lewinsky. At the time, Clinton asserted, I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Clinton subsequently admitted to an improper relationship with her and faced impeachment proceedings.

Jerry Brown can LIE, but Governor Moonbeam cannot hide – from the truth that is.

Here is the devastating ad from Republican Meg Whitman exposing Jerry Brown’s tax rasing policy while he was California Governor during the 1970’s and 80’s.

Here are the facts from and the State of California Department of Finance.

I don’t think California voters are going to think too highly of Jerry Brown for:

1. Lying about former President Bill Clinton who, by the way, remains very popular in California.

2. Lying about his tax raising policies and rewriting his history as California Governor.


Now, Jerry Brown has apologized – at a hastily called news conference.

“Bill Clinton was an excellent president. It was wrong for me to joke about an incident from many years ago, and I’m sorry,” Brown said before attempting to steer the discussion back to questions about Whitman’s honesty.

“She hasn’t told the truth about my record as governor. She hasnt told the truth about my record as mayor. She hasn’t even told the truth about her own record,” Brown said. “I’ve made my share of mistakes, and my inappropriate joke about President Clinton is one of them. But from me you’ll always get the truth.”

Uh Huh……

Jerry Brown is an OLD MORON – jeez…..