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  • Jonathan Strong of The Daily Caller assesses the chances that Democrats will sneak through the "DREAM Act" partial immigration amnesty in the waning days of the lame duck Congress. As feared, the conclusion is murky, given the criss-crossing array of potentially soft Republicans and potentially tough Democrats in the Senate. But a) a "proprietary vote simulation and prediction engine" called WhipCast gives DREAM a 33% chance of passage; b) Microsoft and other tech companies are pushing for it; and c) even more worrisome, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell's spokesman gives a shockingly nonchalant answer when asked if stopping DREAM is a priority:

    “I don’t have a whip count on it. … Our priority is making sure no one gets a tax hike and funding the government while reducing spending.”

    I take that as a "no."
    DeMint et al will KILL the Dream Act…….

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  • The Democrats are total morons for not finding their own hot mama before the Republicans did so first, or maybe I should have left off the qualifiers and called it straight: the Democrats are just plain morons, at least where women are concerned. The right wing, for whatever weird reason, has been much more receptive to outrageous and attractive female commentators who are varying degrees of insane or inane, but in any case are given a platform on Fox News and at their conservative confabs. Look at how great life has been for Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham and the assorted lesser lights. But there are no Democratic blondes, no riot grrrls on the progressive side of politics, no fun and fabulous women in the liberal scene who could pave the way for a Palin
    Read it all.

    The LEFT is insufferable

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  • Cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders and an exclusive group of senior U.S. officials are exempt from toughened new airport screening procedures when they fly commercially with government-approved federal security details.

    Aviation security officials would not name those who can skip the controversial screening, but other officials said those VIPs range from top officials like Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and FBI Director Robert Mueller to congressional leaders like incoming House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who avoided security before a recent flight from Washington's Reagan National Airport.

    The heightened new security procedures by the Transportation Security Administration, which involve either a scan by a full-body detector or an intimate personal pat-down, have spurred passenger outrage in the lead-up to the Thanksgiving holiday airport crush.
    Uh No…..

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  • The Washington Post boasts some of the top liberal bloggers, such as Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent. Now the paper's bringing a conservative into the blog stable.

    The Post has hired Jennifer Rubin, previously with Commentary magazine, to launch a new blog next month that "will provide critical news coverage and commentary, with an exacting eye on conservative policy-making and Republican campaigns, pundits and politicians," according to a memo obtained by The Cutline.

    David Weigel wrote a blog on the conservative movement until June, when private emails surfaced in which he was harshly critical of some leaders on the right. He resigned over the flap.

    But Weigel, now at Slate, didn't write his blog from a conservative perspective as Rubin is expected to do–even if some readers, and Post managers, thought he would be doing so. Another difference: Weigel was on the national staff, whereas Rubin and Sargent fall on the opinion side of the paper.
    A good edition

  • The Harris County Tea Party near the Alabama border campaigned far and wide in this month's midterm elections. Donations were mailed to tea-party candidates in Nevada and Alaska. There were multiple overnight bus trips to rallies in Washington, D.C.

    The next stop, however, is closer to home: the local school board.

    "Don't get me wrong, we're still going to engage in Washington, but now we're going after what is here locally. Our focus is turning to our community," said Kathy Ropte, the group's founder, over cola at a Blimpie sub shop, a popular local tea-party meeting spot off the town square. Aware that education consumes a big chunk of local property taxes, group members are combing through the salaries of every county school employee from the superintendent down.
    And, will increase their membership in gearing up to replace Obama in 2012.

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Damn, look at all of the negative stories on Sarah Palin and her dancing daughter, Bristol.
James Hibberd / Hollywood Reporter:
‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Ratings Plummet  —  After setting a TLC ratings record last week, Sarah Palin’s reality show plummeted for its second episode.  —  Sarah Palin’s Alaska fell 40% on Sunday night to 3 million viewers.  —  Not many were in the key adult demo either.

Nellie Andreeva /
CABLE RAT RACE: Palin Drops Big In Week 2; ‘Walking Dead’ Steady  —  Sarah Palin lost almost half of her premiere audience in the second airing of her TLC reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  On Sunday, the series executive produced by Mark Burnett, drew 3 million viewers.

Discussion: TPM LiveWire, FrumForum and Weigel

Rob Shuter / PopEater:
Sarah Palin Wants Christine O’Donnell on Next ‘Dancing With the Stars’

There is one piece pointing out how ridiculous the media is by Ann Althouse which is pretty funny.

And this strangely sanctimonious journalist — she’s writing in the always awful “On Faith” section of The Washington Post — condemns Palin voters for “cheating” 7 paragraphs after she confesses to doing something that is at least as much cheating as what the Palin fans are said to be doing.
My husband and I are “DWTS” fanatics.  We plan our social life around it, often regretting invitations that fall on the night of the show….


Not only that, but I vote.  Under the show’s rules, you’re allowed to vote five times on one line. I have six lines at home and my cell, so I vote as many times as I can for my favorite. 

So this lady, this longtime Washington powerbroker, has 6 phone lines, and she maxes each line out, each week, voting 30 times. But that’s the show’s rules. They can’t tell how many individuals vote are voting. They can only see phone numbers. So if your family of 5 watches the show and you — you economic losers — only have one phone, you can make 5 calls. Sally Quinn happens to have 6 phone lines, so she gets 30 votes — under the rules.

This season, I’m voting for Jennifer Grey all the way. She is by far the best dancer on the show.

She’s voting correctly. For the best dancer. You stupid people are voting for Bristol Palin. Lord knows why.

Sheesh, Sarah Palin has a reality cable television travelogue show on TLC which is NOT ESPN or HBO, sets a viewership record and then settles in to a mere 3 million viewers who are older (probably voters too).

Big deal.

And, then there are the stories about the dancin’ Palin, Bristol.

Sheesh, this is Dancing with the Stars not the frakking Olympics.

The mainstream, left-leaning media, just cannot stand Sarah Palin and is there any wonder many Americans refer to them as the LAME STREAM MEDIA?

And, don’t listen……


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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, why U.S. Senator and GOP Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky is spouting off about “clean”coal is beyond me.
While we shouldn’t expect our left-wing elitist of a President to understand last Tuesday’s electoral rejection of his “progressive” prescriptions for America, we should expect Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to get it.

But Sen. McConnell seems to have missed the message, at least when it comes to cap-and-trade — odd for a coal state politician. The day after the election, Sen. McConnell said:

“The president says he’s for nuclear power. Most of my members are for nuclear power. The president says he’s for clean coal technology. Most of my members are for clean coal technology. There are areas that we can make progress on for the country.”

But, the Tea Party organizations and the new House GOP majority are not going to allow this “clean coal” excuse for cap and trade to proceed in ANY way.

Senator McConnell is wrong and indeed with a few more missteps will be OUT as GOP leader in the Senate.


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