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The LEFT ala Saul Alinsky Protest Koch Brothers Conference

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries MIT-trained brothers turned family oil refining firm into America’s second largest private company. Koch Industries has stakes in pipelines, refineries, fertilizer, fibers and polymers, forest and consumer products, chemical technology. Sales in 2008: $110 billion. Brothers each own 42% of company. Employs 80,000 people and operates in 60 countries.

Looks like the LEFT Counter-Movement has returned to Southern California to Saul Alinsky protest conservative/libertarian activists Charles and David Koch.
A broad coalition of consumer, community, labor, environmental, student, civil liberties, and faith-based groups are sponsoring a rally in Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs, California) next Sunday, January 30 to protest and draw attention to a secret meeting of right-wing billionaires and millionaires who are the key funders of the Tea Party, conservative think tanks like Cato Institute, and the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

The leaders of this group, the Koch brothers, oil billionaires, have invited like-minded big-money conservatives to a behind-closed-doors three-day summit at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage to plot their strategy for the 2012 elections. Their agenda is simple: Roll back consumer and workplace protections everywhere, including the environment, health care, credit cards, banks, occupational safety, workers’ rights, and more. Thousands of progressives are mobilizing to peacefully and creatively call them out.

Yeah, the New York Times last Fall received a “leaked” invitation and the LEFT cannot resist getting down and Saul Alinsky dirty with the Kochs. Here is the  nefarious invitation:

Real ominous, isn’t it?

This is the eight time in the Palm Springs, California area that the confab will be held. But, this year, the LEFT WILL organize street protests – and for what? Raising money and discussing how to affect government policy which affect their businesses – oh and playing politics.

Hello, isn’t this the American political system?

But, it seems the LEFT, beaten badly in the November elections nationally wants to create a scene ala Saul Alinsky Crash the Tea Party “movement.”

I’ll have more later on who is behind this protest.

Hint: The usual LEFTY players

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