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The Uncloaking the Koch Street Protest: The Kochs Vs. Soros

Photo from yesterday’s The Uncloacking the Kochs street protest

As Tim Carney aptly points out in his piece the Koch Conference street protest yesterday is really a fight between free markets and state coercion. A fight between the Koch brothers and George Soros sponsored LEFTIST organizations.
At the front gates of the Rancho Las Palmas resort, a few hundred liberals rallied Sunday against “corporate greed” and polluters. They chanted for the arrest of billionaires Charles and David Koch, and their ire was also directed at the other free market-oriented businessmen invited here by the Koch brothers to discuss free markets and electoral strategies.

Billionaires poisoning our politics was the central theme of the protests. But nothing is quite as it seems in modern politics: The protest’s organizer, the nonprofit Common Cause, is funded by billionaire George Soros.

Common Cause has received $2 million from Soros’s Open Society Institute in the past eight years, according to grant data provided by Capital Research Center. Two panelists at Common Cause’s rival conference nearby — President Obama’s former green jobs czar, Van Jones, and blogger Lee Fang — work at the Center for American Progress, which was started and funded by Soros but, as a 501(c)4 nonprofit “think tank,” legally conceals the names of its donors.

In other words, money from billionaire George Soros and anonymous, well-heeled liberals was funding a protest against rich people’s influence on politics.

When Politico reporter Ken Vogel pointed out that Soros hosts similar “secret” confabs, CAP’s Fang responded on Twitter: “don’t you think there’s a very serious difference between donors who help the poor vs. donors who fund people to kill government, taxes on rich?”

In less than 140 characters, Fang had epitomized the myopic liberal view of money in politics: Conservative money is bad, and linked to greed, while liberal money is self-evidently philanthropic.

You can hear CAP’s Lee Fang in his own words try to explain the difference between the LEFT’S private fundraising confabs and those of the Koch’s here in last Thursdays Common Cause teleconference.

So, Big Labor busses out its minions and the FAR LEFT (see some of the sponsoring organizations here) puts on an UNCIVIL display, 25 people are arrested.


According to an eye-witness who contacted me by e-mail, protesters shouted “traitors,” held signs that said “Koch Kills” and chanted “No justice, no peace” outside the hotel.

A Koch representative whom I contacted had this comment on the day’s events: “This is the kind of ‘civil debate’ the left wants to have after Tucson?” One additional note: Inside the same conference center as the conservatives was a conference of judges from the Ninth Circuit. The recent death of a federal judge in Arizona did not give the mob pause about the propriety of their actions.

All Saul Alinsky type symbolism over substance with FAR LEFT hypocrisy over flowing = #EPIC FAIL.


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Updated: The Uncloaking the Kochs Street Protest is On in Rancho Mirage; Arrests Made

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