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Flap’s Links for February 19th from 17:28 to 17:28

These are my links for February 19th from 17:28 to 17:28:

  • Rep. David Wu’s staff confronted him over concerns about his mental health – Three days before the Nov. 2 election, U.S. Rep. David Wu’s most loyal and senior staffers were so alarmed by his erratic behavior that they demanded he enter a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

    Their concern had been spiking for weeks in tandem with the Oregon Democrat's increasingly unpredictable performance on the campaign trail and in private. He was loud and sometimes angry, some of them told The Oregonian. He said kooky things to staff and — more worrisome with a tough election fast approaching — around potential voters and donors.

    Most of all, they were worried for Wu, a 55-year-old single father of two children.

    Earlier and gentler efforts had failed, so the tight-knit group of high-level staff took other steps, including quiet inquiries about the availability of beds in hospitals in Portland and Washington, D.C., multiple sources familiar with the effort told The Oregonian.

    Several staff members confronted Wu for the final time on Oct. 30. Wu’s psychiatrist was brought into that meeting as well, joining the group at the Portland campaign headquarters by speaker phone. The meeting was held after four consecutive days of troubling behavior that led the staff to agree that Wu needed a higher level of medical care, according to people intimately familiar with the events of that period.


    Read it all.

    Oregon voters deserve better representation and should either recall Wu while he seeks treatment or ask for his resignation.

    Wu clearly should NOT be serving in the Congress.