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According to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll (Pdf.)

This is another national poll which means little since the race for the Presidency in 2012 will be in a few key battleground states.

But, the reader can have some fun with the numbers.


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According to the latest PPP Poll.

Favorable Vs Unfavorable:
  • Rep. Paul Ryan 36% Vs. 35%
  • Former Rep. Mark Neumann 24% Vs. 27%
  • Atty. Gen. JB Van Hollen 25% Vs. 28%
  • Former Sen. Russ Feingold 51% Vs. 39%

Job Approval Vs. Disapproval:

  • Sen Herb Kohl 50% Vs. 30%
  • Sen Ron Johnson 32% Vs. 28%

Heads Up:

  • 52% Kohl Vs. 37% Van Hollen
  • 49% Kohl Vs. 42% Ryan
  • 51% Kohl Vs. 37% Neumann
  • 51% Feingold Vs. 39% Van Hollen
  • 49% Feingold Vs. 42% Ryan
  • 50% Feingold Vs. 40% Neumann

PPP surveyed 768 Wisconsin voters from February 24th to 27th. The survey’s margin of error is +/-3.5%.

It has been rumored for some time that Senator Herb Kohl will retire and that defeated Senator Russ Feingold (who is still popular in the state despite being beaten by Ron Johnson last November) would try to regain a Senate seat.

No matter from this polling data, either Democrat, Kohl or Feingold looks safe.

Also, it is doubtful that Rep. Paul Ryan who is the best Republican in this poll is interested in running for the Senate.

Note, however, Wisconsin WILL be a key battleground state for the 2012 Presidential race and voter participation will be high in this election. This will not be a priority for the NRSC unless Kohl retires and the seat becomes open.

The full poll results are here (Pdf.)

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These are my links for March 2nd from 15:05 to 15:09:

  • Money Train – Story of California High Speed Rail – "Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail," President Obama declared in his State of the Union address, making it the most ambitious element of his vision for "winning the future."

    Invoking national pride, Obama mused that "America is the nation that built the transcontinental railroad, brought electricity to rural communities, constructed the interstate highway system." Sadly, he lamented, the U.S. now lags behind Europe, Russia, and China in modern transportation infrastructure.

    If the nation met his goal for high-speed rail adoption, he said, "This could allow you to go places in half the time it takes to travel by car. For some trips, it will be faster than flying — without the pat-down. As we speak, routes in California and the Midwest are already under way."

    To most Americans, the passing reference to California was likely an afterthought, lost amid all the dreamy rhetoric of rebuilding the nation. But upon closer inspection, the state's proposed high-speed rail system serves as a perfect example of the gap between the promise of transformational liberalism and the reality of big government. Taxpayers everywhere should pay attention, because the project has already been granted $3.2 billion in federal funds, mostly through Obama's economic stimulus package — and its backers hope to gobble up billions more over the next decade.

    The $43 billion transportation project to link Los Angeles to San Francisco with a bullet train by 2020 would be considered grandiose during the plushest of times, yet it's being pursued during an era when governments at all levels are mired in deep fiscal crises. The plan has been subject to a series of scathing reports by independent analysts, raising concerns about everything from its cost estimates to its business model. The University of California at Berkeley has questioned its lofty ridership projections. And even the Washington Post has editorialized against it.


    Read it all

  • The lunacy of California’s high-speed rail – Perhaps I can make my point more concretely. Suppose you work in Century City on the west side of Los Angeles and you want to commute to a business meeting on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto. Would you want to drive to Union Station in downtown LA (over the ever-clogged Santa Monica Freeway or faster Olympic Avenue), then take a train for two hours and 40 minutes to downtown San Francisco, then drive nearly another hour down the Bayshore or I-280 to Sand Hill Road? Or would you prefer to drive to LAX, wait some annoying length of time (probably 15 minutes) in the security lines, then fly 50 minutes in the air to SFO, and drive the considerably shorter distance down the Bayshore or I-280 to Sand Hill Road? The rail trip is door-to-door five to six hours and maybe more; the airline trip is door-to-door is three to four hours door-to-door. I know which one I'd pick (if I couldn't manage to get out of the meeting altogether).

    They’re estimating an average speed of 143mph and a fare of only $105—I don’t think so.


    Not going to fly – pardon the pun.

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These are my links for March 2nd from 14:05 to 14:10:

  • California Still Barking Up the Wrong Tree for Taxes – The Amazon tax is back for debate. Again.  Despite court rulings that the thing is unconstitutional, despite proven records of failure in those states who have tried it, California’s Democratic leadership is again proposing the online tax.

    None of the excuses for this wasteful proposal make sense. Some retailers claim that taxes are needed to even the playing field between brick and mortar stores that do collect tax, and online retailers who do not. After all, that is why our local WalMart is suffering, right? But a recent LA Times article shows that retailers such as WalMart are hurting, not because they compete with Amazon, but because they have scaled back their merchandise offerings, forcing customers to look elsewhere to complete their shopping lists.  In fact, WalMart is not losing customers to online retailers so much as they are losing their customers to even lower priced offerings such as dollar stores. 

    Meanwhile, retailers like Amazon, using technology to streamline delivery processes, and offering a wide variety of items,  just posted major increases in sales. In this video from CNN  executives claim Amazon shows 26-40% growth, from the same time last year, with 15,000 employees hired in 2010. And yet, California’s Dems want to effectively slap one of the major employers in the US who is actually offering good paying jobs, with benefits.


    But, California Democrats in the state legislature have never met a tax they did not like – even if it does not involve capturing that much revenue.

    To the LEFT, it is more about punishing people in the marketplace in search of a social justice "fairness."

  • Koch Brothers Receive Praise From Obama Administration – Progressives may have decided that businessmen and libertarian political benefactors David and Charles Koch are the latest harbingers of the vast right-wing conspiracy, but they could be shocked to learn that several Koch Industries subsidiaries have been working closely and productively with…the Obama administration.

    Specifically, it’s with Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency that Koch Industries has been playing nice. In Texas last fall, for instance, the Koch-owned Flint Hills Resources helped forge an agreement between the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality in a regulation dispute. The move got the company praise from the EPA, calling the agreement a “model for other companies.” (…)

    The EPA under President Obama has also praised Koch subsidiaries Georgia-Pacific and Invista for their cooperation with the agency. Georgia-Pacific even won an award from the EPA in 2009. Leftists may complain that these right-wing bogeymen are unfairly challenging federal environmental regulations so they can “keep pumping out pollution for free,” but it seems the Obama administration has a lot of positive things to say about the brothers Koch.


    The Koch Brothers are businessmen and it is in their interests to NOT pollute the environment and alienate/poison their customers.

    The LEFT is laughable in their conspiracy theories regarding the Kochs

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