Chris Christie

Video: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – The Choice

Governor Chris Christie web video. “The Choice”. March 7, 2011.

So, tell me Governor Christie is releasing the video to Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post and he is NOT thinking about running for the Presidency?

In other words, he gave the legislature a choice: If the legislature actually passes the health-benefit reform proposal that Christie unveiled in September, they can double the property tax rebate for New Jersey taxpayers.

This has been Christie’s pattern to date: Make a compelling conservative policy proposal, put the ball in the Democrats’ court, use his rock star status and communication skills to turn up the heat and force the Democrats to, in his words, “make a choice.” It was an effective approach in passing his first budget.

But is this only about his budget? For those who are thinking maybe, just maybe, there might be more to his video productions than just New Jersey politics, his latest video will only fuel those suspicious — and give hope to near-desperate Republicans looking the an impressive 2012 presidential candidate. It is this type of impressive media imaging that made Christie a GOP favorite, and might, if he wins another round with the state legislature, increase the pleas for him to throw his hat into the 2012 presidential ring. And if he succeeds in pushing through his agenda, it will be increasingly hard to believe, as he has said to put off those urging his nomination, that he isn’t “ready” to be president. If not him, who? If not 2012, when?

You know, Chris Christie has only been the New Jersey Governor for a year but was the New Jersey United States Attorney for over six years. As an attorney and POL he has plenty of executive experience – certainly more than Senator Obama when he won the Presidency.

It might be time to strike, Governor, when the iron is hot.