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These are my links for March 16th from 20:49 to 20:55:

  • C.I.A. Security Officer Is Freed in Pakistan as Redress Is Paid – A C.I.A. security officer jailed for killing two Pakistanis on a crowded Lahore street was released Wednesday after weeks of secret negotiations between American and Pakistani officials, a pledge of millions of dollars in “blood money” to the victims’ families, and quiet political pressure by Pakistani officials on the courts.

    The fatal shootings by Raymond A. Davis, who was immediately flown out of the country to Kabul, Afghanistan, had ignited a furor here and brought relations between the C.I.A. and Pakistan’s spy service to perhaps their lowest ebb since the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Mr. Davis’s release appears to have temporarily cooled frictions between the two wary allies, but it left unresolved many of the irritants that strained ties in the first place. American officials insisted on Wednesday that the C.I.A. made no pledges to scale back covert operations in Pakistan or to give the Pakistani government or its intelligence agency a roster of American spies operating in the country — assertions that Pakistani officials disputed.


    Davis or whatever his name is should have been flown out of Pakistan weeks ago.

  • There’s More to Birthright Citizenship Than You Think – The debate over birthright citizenship has focused on children born here to illegal aliens. Admittedly, this is a big deal, with more than 300,000 births a year to illegal-immigrants mothers, though I’m on record as skeptical that changing our citizenship rules should be a high-priority objective for immigration hawks.

    But there’s a whole other part of the problem — children born here to legal, but temporary, visitors. Not green card holders, who as permanent residents are best seen as candidate-members of the American people and whose children should definitely be citizens at birth. The issue, rather, is about “non-immigrants,” foreigners here temporarily as tourists, students, workers, whatever. In this regard, the issue of birth tourism has gotten attention lately, as has the citizenship status of terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki and Yaser Esam Hamdi, both born in the U.S. to visitors but raised entirely abroad, who’ve tried to use their nominal citizenship to protect themselves from justice.


    First, E-Verify and then secure the border.

    Civil rights organizations go wild over this issue of birthright citizenship and frankly is too difficult to change with a Constitutional amendment.


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According to the latest PPP Poll.

Favorable Vs. Unfavorable:

  • Mike Huckabee – 73% Vs. 12%
  • Newt Gingrich – 53% Vs. 24%
  • Sarah Palin – 63% Vs. 27%
  • Mitt Romney – 47% Vs. 32%

Head to Head:

  • Mike Huckabee – 29%
  • Newt Gingrich – 19%
  • Sarah Palin – 14%
  • Mitt Romney – 13%

So, what does it all mean?

  • Mike Huckabee continues to perform well and has been leading most of the polls lately. But, will Huck run?
  • Sarah Palin again is plummeting downward in the polls, even with GOP voters
  • Mitt Romney is the “Biggest Loser” here and it is questionable whether he can win the nomination unless he improves.

One thing these numbers do reinforce is the recent ABC/Washington Post poll that showed Palin’s numbers plummeting even with Republican voters. When we polled Missouri in December Palin was at 25%, so her 14% now represents an 11 point drop in her standing over the last three months. Also while the other GOP frontrunners have seen modest drops in their net favorability since our previous Missouri Republican poll- 5 points for Romney, 3 for Gingrich, and 2 for Huckabee- Palin has seen a much more dramatic 16 point decline from +52 in December at 72/20 to now +36 at 63/27. There’s no doubt that the already limited interest in a Presidential bid from her that Republican voters had is declining even further.

The other thing that’s striking in these numbers is how weak Romney is. In 2008 Huckabee got 32% here and his current 29% standing doesn’t represent much difference. But Romney pulled 29% here last time around and his 13% now means he’s lost more than half of his support. His albatross here, as we’re seeing in more and more of our GOP polling, is voters describing themselves as ‘very conservative.’ They’re the largest segment of the Republican electorate in Missouri at 41%, and only 10% of them want Romney as their candidate next year.


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These are my links for March 16th from 15:59 to 16:00:


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These are my links for March 16th from 12:27 to 15:28:

  • ObamaCare A Year Later: The $2.6 Trillion Birthday Present – enator John Ensign today examined the impact of the $2.6 trillion health law during a Senate Finance Committee hearing. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified on the effectiveness of the law while Senator Ensign questioned its cost to taxpayers and its many unintended consequences.
    “Birthdays are cause for celebration, but the anniversary of $2.6 trillion worth of bad policy is hardly something to applaud,” said Ensign.  “This law fails to address the number one problem facing health care and that’s cost.  Unfortunately, this law does accomplish three things: higher healthcare costs, higher taxes and fewer jobs.
    “I traveled across our state to speak with Nevadans before this law was voted on and after it passed, and let me tell you, the support behind this law is not there, but the frustration is. Nevada employers are already being forced to choose between hiring employees and paying the higher healthcare premiums for the ones that they do have.  Steve Wynn told me today that between 2005 and 2010, his company’s premiums went up about 8% per year, but this year alone the premiums are up 12%.  This is an almost 50% increase in the rate of growth and amounts to about $900 per year per employee; how do we repair Nevada’s economy when our employers cannot afford to provide healthcare coverage?  We can and need to do better than this.” 


    ObamaCare is something America cannot afford

  • Barack Obama’s lack of leadership — Obama the Invisible – the world's most despicable regimes.

    So where is the president?

    Japan may be on the verge of a disaster that dwarfs any we have yet seen. A self-governing nation like the United States needs its leader to take full measure of his position at times of crises when the path forward is no longer clear.

    This is not a time for leadership; this is the time for leadership.

    So where is Barack Obama?

    The moment demands that he rise to the challenge of showing America and the world that he is taking the reins. How leaders act in times of unanticipated crisis, in which they do not have a formulated game plan and must instead navigate in treacherous waters, defines them.

    Obama is defining himself in a way that will destroy him.

    It is not merely that he isn't rising to the challenge. He is avoiding the challenge. He is Bartleby the President. He would prefer not to.


    Read it all

    Obama is voting present just like he did in the Illinois Legislature or you could say he is phoning it in.

  • Hillary’s End: Hillary Clinton says no to second term – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer she does not want to serve a second term as secretary of state or run for president of the United States.
    Blitzer sat down with the former 2008 presidential candidate in Cairo.
    Full transcript:

    Q- If the president is reelected, do you want to serve a second term as secretary of state?
    Q- Would you like to serve as secretary of defense?
    Q- Would you like to be vice president of the United States?
    Q- Would you like to be president of the United States?


    Hillary is moving on and I think she has her priorities straight


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