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One of the main complaints of Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential run was his constant shifting of positions on the issues. Now, there is RomneyCare or the Massachusetts Health Care Plan that Romney signed into law while Governor. One with a personal insurance mandate like ObamaCare.

Romney today delivered a speech that didn’t help. 

This morning the Wall Street Journal editorial board accused Mitt Romney of being a technocrat and not a conservative. In his speech in Ann Arbor, Mich., today, Romney proved the editorial board correct. You could tell it wasn’t going to be a good outing when it became clear that a tiny room of about 100 invited guests was the setting. Message: Only handpicked friends could be counted on not to boo or laugh. (…)
In the Q-and-A afterward he got mostly softball questions. But at one point he spoke admiringly of the French health-care system. I’m not kidding.

Romney is entirely lacking in self-awareness and understanding of the current Republican primary electorate if he thinks this speech is going to help. I’m sure his primary opponents, like many pundits, are dumbstruck that such a capable man could be so dense when it comes to his chosen profession.

Mitt should have flopped like a fish away from RomneyCare – like he has done many times before on many different issues. He didn’t.

I say he is done as a Presidential candidate and will be beat up unmercifully by his Republican competitors at the first change they get.

Romney will NOT be the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.

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