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CA-36: New Dem Ad Links Craig Huey and Sarah Palin

We don’t need Craig Huey’s extremist right wing agenda.

Janice Hahn will fight for our agenda — common sense solutions, create green jobs, and cut Washington’s spending while protecting Medicare

Here come the extremist scare ads from the Democrats. And, look who is the boogey woman – Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has become the California Democrats’ go-to for labeling a Republican as “extreme.”

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (D) linked the former Alaska governor to her Republican opponent in her first TV ad of the House special-election runoff.

I remember during the Carly Fiorina and Senator Barbara Boxer campaign last Fall, the same tone and character of the ad. This time though they channel Sarah Palin, abortion AND Medicare.

Guess they are targeting the professional woman vote, old and young.

The Hahn ad — which goes up tomorrow on cable TV “throughout the district,” according to a campaign spokesman — also accuses Huey of harboring an “extremist right-wing agenda.” The runoff vote is set for July 12.

Just a reminder, the California 36th congressional District has a very Democratic registration advantage.

3 thoughts on “CA-36: New Dem Ad Links Craig Huey and Sarah Palin

  1. huey is a very dangerous person to have in congress. he is to america, what al-Qaeda is to the middle east. i know him and i am very worried about having him in a position of power. many people i know (both republicans and democrats) think he is bad news, due to his estreme views. look into his opinion on his site, absolutely crazy stuff.

    1. Looks like the Left is spamming about how dangerous and extreme Craig Huey is in CA-36. Their polling must show that Craig is doing well.

      By the way, Huey is not bad news, nor extreme, but a conservative that might just win a seat in a very Democratic district,

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