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According to the lastest Marist Poll.

Looking to 2012, 43% of registered voters nationwide report they plan to vote against President Obama in 2012.  This compares with 36% who say they definitely plan to support him.  A notable 21% are unsure.  Little has changed on this question since McClatchy-Marist last reported it in April.  At that time, 44% reported they planned to back someone else while 37% said they planned to vote for the president.  18%, at the time, were unsure.

Independents play a key role in Obama’s re-election bid.  43% say they would vote against Mr. Obama in 2012 while 29% are securely in his corner.  Nearly three in ten independent voters — 28% — are unsure.  The president has failed to make inroads with these allimportant voters.  In McClatchy-Marist’s previous survey, 47% of independents reported they would not support the president while 32% said they would cast their ballot for Mr. Obama.  21% were unsure.

While 70% of Democratic voters report they will unequivocally cast their ballot for the president and only 10% say they will vote against him, a notable one in five — 20% — are unsure.  Not surprisingly, most Republicans — 85% — don’t plan on supporting the president while just 4% say they will.  One in ten — 10% — are unsure.  

The gereral election:

  • 56% Obama Vs. 30% Palin 
  • 46% Obama Vs. 42% Romney 
  • 48% Obama Vs. 41% Giuliani 
  • 48% Obama Vs. 39% Perry 
  • 49% Obama Vs. 37% Bachmann 
  • 47% Obama Vs. 33% Pawlenty 

GOP primary election:

  • 19% Romney
  • 13% Giuliani
  • 13% Perry
  • 11% Palin
  • 8% Bachmann
  • 5% Pawlenty
  • 5% Paul
  • 5% Cain
  • 2% Gingrich
  • 2% Huntsman
  • 1% Santorum

Again, this is a national poll and I give them lettile credence since they do not take into account the GOP Primary calendar realities. But, this poll does show that Obama is vulnerable to the GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.


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