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These are my links for July 7th from 15:02 to 19:43:


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Dilbert by Scott Adams

Yes, Dilbert, saving at your expense…..

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According to the latest Gallup Poll.
President Barack Obama’s job approval rating averaged 46% in June, down from 50% in May but similar to his ratings from February through April.

The president’s approval rating rose in May after the May 1 announcement that U.S. forces had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. It has since subsided about equally among all major demographic subgroups, reverting nearly to April’s level.

Obama’s strongest support continues to come from blacks (86%), adults aged 18 to 29 (54%), those living in the East (53%), and Hispanics (52%). This is in addition to 81% approval from fellow Democrats (as well as 75% from liberals and 55% from moderates, not shown here).

Republicans (14%), conservatives (24%), whites (38%), seniors (39%), and those living in the South (40%) are the least likely to approve of Obama

Here is the demographic breakdown chart.

So, what does this mean?

President Obama remains vulnerable to a challenge in 2012 for re=election and without the economy, plus unemployment improving soon his prospect will likely remain the same. His re-election will depend upon playing racial constituency politics which is a dangerous game. Pandering to one racial group such as Hispanics may anger another group who will then make sure they vote against you.

Public approval of how Obama is doing his job has been fairly steady in 2011, except for a temporary uptick after bin Laden’s death. Furthermore, his average 47% approval rating in the first half of 2011 is identical to his average rating for all of 2010. The finding that the slide in his approval between 2009 and 2010 has since stalled could be viewed as a positive for Obama, particularly given ongoing challenges with the economy. On the other hand, his sub-50% approval rating may have contributed to the Democrats’ losses in the 2010 midterm elections and would be less than ideal for Obama to maintain a year from now as he faces re-election.

Real improvement in the U.S. economy, including lower unemployment, would go a long way toward restoring approval to 2009 levels. Short of that, rebuilding approval among Hispanics, down 18 points since 2009, could be an important element of Obama’s re-election strategy; however, he would need to do this while not further impairing his already tepid support among whites.


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Yes, having known Craig Huey for over 45 years this is definitely not him. Huey is not a name caller or a sensationalist, despite what the Democrats try to spin.

Southern California congressional candidate Craig Huey said Thursday an inflammatory viral web video that portrayed Janice Hahn as a stripper has been “harmful” to his campaign and pledged to fire any member of his staff who had knowledge of it.

The issue was raised during a debate on public radio between Huey and Hahn, just five days ahead of the special election to replace former Rep. Jane Harman.

“It’s racist, it’s sexist, it’s bigoted. It’s the most harmful thing to my campaign ever done,” Huey said when asked about the video produced by the third-party group Turn Right USA.

The GOP candidate denied any involvement with the video and said he would terminate any member of his staff who was found to be coordinating with the outside group.

Just as dispicable was Joe Trippi’s last minute attack using Huey’s marketing clients as guilt by association.

Huey called a Hahn charge that that he bilked seniors with a marketing scheme “guilt by association,” and snuck in a not-very-subtle gang reference. “It’s like a dentist had a gang member come in … and all of a sudden that dentist is part of a drug cartel,” he said.

But, hey, that is politics where half-truths and embellishments are all too common. But, the difference is Huey had no control over the anti-Hahn ad and Joe Trippi works for the Hahn campaign.

South Bay residents will vote their pocketbook anyway and ignore all of this noise.

Will Craig Huey pull an upset?

I say look for an earthquake in CA-36 next Tuesday night.


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