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I guess Boeing corporation involved with a NLRB flap with the Obama Administration are taking the safe way out and supporting Democrat Janice Hahn.

Pretty shameful, if you ask me.

So, Boeing next time you want some conservative support in this blog on your issues.

How about – pound some sand.


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These are my links for July 8th from 17:24 to 17:29:

  • Media Bias 101: How liberal lies seep into our pop culture and become “fact” – I know there are people who have issues with Michele Bachmann, primarily due to her stance on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. I understand that and can respect those disagreements. But what I will NOT respect nor tolerate is when mainstream media outlets accept without question the bogus “reporting” done by prominent liberal blogs and websites, which is clearly what has happened here. As a result, their lack of reading the actual document itself and instead relying on a liberal blog whose reputation is questionable at best has poisoned the information stream that Average Joes who do NOT follow politics like you and I do rely on to help them form opinions on both issues and candidates.

    This is unacceptable.


    The LEFT and MSM are trying to Palinize Michele Bachmann. But, I believe it will slide off like Teflon.

    I have asked the Washington Post, Liz Flock, ABC News, and Russell Goldman to issue corrections but at this point, even if they were gracious enough to do so, the damage has already been done. The “porn ban pledge” lie has seeped into the pop culture and this is the gross misinformation we get as a result. Mission Accomplished? You betcha.

  • Did Michele Bachmann Sign a Pledge to “Ban Pornography”? – When I read that, it’s not clear to me that a ban on porn is what is intended. It may be, but it also could be interpreted to say that candidates are expected to work against the “seduction into…pornography” of women and girls, which is not the same thing as calling for a ban.

    Notice that footnote at the end of the quote? If you scan down, footnote 17 provides further evidence that this is not about banning porn:

    17 Human trafficking, child pornography and prostitution, pimping, sexual slavery and forced abortion are inherently coercive of vulnerable females. Infanticide and abortion are inherently coercive of the babies who are killed…

    The rest of the footnote is about their opposition to various abortion procedures.

    I’m waiting for someone to confirm this, but it looks as if the Family Leader pledge is not calling for a ban on porn. Indeed the word “ban” does not appear in the pledge. It appears to be calling for candidates to work against the abuse of children and women for purposes of porn and prostitution. The footnote seems to emphasize situations (trafficking, child porn, sex slavery) that are coercive in nature.

    Now it’s possible this group is completely against pornography of any kind. In fact, I would bet they are. But being against something and desiring to protect children and women from it is not the same as calling for a legal “ban” on it. It seems to me Think Progress is overreaching here. I guess we’ll see.

    Update: Just noticed that Sister Toldjah beat me to all of these points by at least an hour. She’s as outraged by this as I am.


    Yeah the LEFT is going wildly after Bachmann like they did Palin.


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Dilbert by Scott Adams

But, the prison laundry is really not profitable…..

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