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These are my links for July 12th from 18:33 to 19:18:

  • Norquist: Time to Force Obama’s Hand – Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says he supports the goal of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s “contingency plan” to force President Obama to assume nearly all of the responsibility for raising the debt ceiling.

    “Obama is playing politics,” Norquist tells National Review Online in an interview. “Republicans need to force him to do what the established press is not doing. He says he’s got a serious proposal. Could we see it written down please?”

    McConnell’s plan would require the president to submit, in detail, a list of spending cuts of equal or greater value than the amount of debt increase he is requesting (about $2.5 trillion). “Obama wants to claim to the American people that he’s seriously willing to reduce spending and he’s not seriously taxing everybody and his brother,” Noquist says. “He’s lying. It’s time to end this fiction that he’s negotiating in good faith. They’ve got to force him to put in writing what the hell he thinks he’s doing.”

    He blames the “established press” for allowing the president to get away with putting out a horrendous budget earlier this year, and allowing Senate Democrats to get away with having gone more than 800 days without even passing a budget. Members of the media and their Democratic cohorts, he says, have convinced themselves that Republicans will eventually cave and agree to raise taxes, as they did in 1982 and 1990. But they are perilously mistaken. “Most the people around in ’82 and ’90 are dead now!” he exclaims. “That’s a long time ago. Democrats think because MSNBC says we’ve got them on the ropes, that Republicans will fold and raise taxes. They’re nuts.”

    The impetus to raise the debt ceiling has been with President Obama all along, Norquist argues, so where is the harm is simply forcing the issue? “He needs to do something to change the game,” says Norquist. “If nothing changes, Republicans win the Senate and keep the House in 2012.”


    Read it all….

  • Mitch McConnell Just Proposed the “Pontius Pilate Pass the Buck Act of 2011″ – Consider the Associated Press’s headline right now: “GOP Leader McConnell proposes giving Obama new power for automatic debt limit increase”


    Mitch McConnell is right now talking about making a historic capitulation. So fearful of being blamed for a default, McConnell is proposing a compromise that lets Barack Obama raise the debt ceiling without making any spending cuts at all.

    Consider sending McConnell a weasel as testament to his treachery. His address is 601 W. Broadway, Room 630, Louisville, KY 40202 and the phone number is (502) 582-6304.

    McConnell’s idea is to make the debt ceiling automatic unless Congress, by a 2/3 vote blocks the increase. Oh yes, he put a salve on it by dressing it up in tough talk that, to quote the Wall Street Journal, “[a] ‘eal solution’ to U.S. fiscal problems isn’t possible as long as President Barack Obama remains in office.” So since no “real solution” is possible, McConnell proposes to go Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of spending, blaming Obama while doing nothing himself.

    Here is how the plan would work.


    Read it all…..

  • President 2012: Mitt Romney Rejects Gay Marriage Pledge – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign said Tuesday that he will not sign a conservative Iowa Christian group's far-reaching pledge opposing gay marriage, making him the first Republican presidential candidate to reject it.

    Two of Romney's rivals for the Republican nomination, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, have signed the The Family Leader's 14-point pledge, which calls on the candidates to denounce same-sex marriage rights, pornography, same-sex military accommodations and forms of Islamic law.


    As he should.

    I hate these ridiculous pledges.

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Electoral College vote map of Larry Sabato

According to the lastest Sunshine State News poll.

A lackluster economy in Florida has helped put President Obama’s job approval rating under water in the key swing state, a new poll shows. And in a head-to-head matchup against Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner in the 2012 race, the president trails by four percentage points.

Thirty-eight percent of likely Florida voters approve of the president’s job performance while 54 percent disapprove, according to a Sunshine State News poll. Eight percent remain undecided.

The majority (56 percent) of Florida voters say the economy has worsened in the past year, and 58 percent of those voters disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president, while 35 percent approve. Among the 14 percent who say the economy has gotten better, 42 percent disapprove of Obama’s job performance while 54 percent approve. Only 13 percent of Democrats think the economy in Florida has gotten better, compared to 14 percent of Republicans. More Democrats than Republicans think the economy has gotten worse in the past year, 62 percent to 51 percent, while 55 percent of independents think the economy has taken a turn for the worse.

Florida is a key battleground state which the GOP needs to win in the Electoral College. With 29 votes, a GOP victory would be a significant pick up.

Remember Obama won the state in 2008 by 3 points.

On another interesting note, Romney beats Obama among idependent voters 42 percent to 38 percent, while 16 percent remain undecided..

The entire poll is here.

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Dilbert by Scott Adams

Busy and out of the way, no doubt…..

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These are my links for July 12th from 14:31 to 14:33:

  • Republicans Introduce Plan, Go On Offensive – Senate Republicans mounted a bold offensive today against President Obama’s effort to force them to accept a tax hike as part of a bipartisan agreement to raise the debt limit.

    The Republican plan would, in effect, end the talks at the White House on a deal. Obama has deftly exploited the talks to portray Republicans as willing to risk a government default on its debts rather than accede to a tax increase of $1 trillion or more.

    To counter Obama, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell unveiled legislation requiring the president to submit a series of three requests – now, in the fall, and next summer – to increase the debt ceiling.

    Each request would have to include spending cuts in excess of the amount of the increase in the limit on borrowing. If Congress rejected the cuts as insufficient by passing a “resolution of disapproval,” the president could send a new package of cuts or veto the resolution. Should his veto be sustained – at least 34 senators would be needed – the debt limit would rise with no cuts attached.

    The idea behind the complicated plan is twofold. One, it would avert a tax increase. Two, it would, as a Senate aide said, “put all the onus [of raising the debt limit] on the president.” Assuming a bipartisan agreement is impossible – and the Republicans assume it is – “this is the only plan that would prevent a default.”


    A poor plan.

    Force the issue with Obama now and get real reforms or live under a de facto balanced budget in a few weeks.

  • Heritage Group: McConnell Plan Trades ‘Systemic Reforms’ for ‘Political Gains’ – "If Republicans in Congress believe they cannot strike a real deal with President Obama, they should begin making serious plans to live under the confines of a de facto balanced budget come August 2."

    For the life of me I don't understand why this isn't the preferred option. Balanced budget now. Pass legislation in the House zeroing out the Departments of Education, Commerce, and a few others. Government-wide hiring and pay freeze. Pay cuts. Budget cuts. Eliminate all affirmative action and global warming spending from all executive branch agencies. Pay the interest and active-duty military and cops and slash everything else.


    McConnell's plan is a non-starter for me.

    If there is no deal with Obama, that is reallyhis problem, now isn't it?

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According to the latest Gallup Poll.

Sarah Palin — who has not yet announced whether she will run for president — remains a formidable presence among Republicans nationwide. She is almost universally recognized, and her current Positive Intensity Score ties her with Mitt Romney, trailing only Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

A Newsweek cover story on the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate quoted Palin as saying, “I believe that I can win a national election,” and that she is still thinking about running.

Palin’s high 95% name recognition — the highest of any candidate or potential candidate Gallup is tracking — is one of her major political attributes. Her Positive Intensity Score, currently 15, has been in the 13 to 19 range throughout the year so far. This puts her behind Cain and Bachmann, but in roughly the same range as Romney. At the same time, Palin generates stronger emotions — both positive and negative — than Romney does. His Positive Intensity Score is based on the difference between the 18% of those who recognize him who have a strongly favorable opinion and the 3% who have a strongly unfavorable opinion. A significantly higher 25% of Republicans who recognize Palin have a strongly favorable opinion of her and a higher 9% have a strongly unfavorable opinion (Palin’s net Positive Intensity Score is 15 because of rounding when precise numbers are calculated).

Palin’s 25% strongly favorable rating is the highest of any candidate tested in the latest two-week average, from June 27-July 10, one percentage point ahead of Cain’s 24% and five points ahead of Bachmann’s 20%.

But, Sarah will have to do more than give interviews to Newsweek. She will have to run and run against Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney. At least two candidates are waiting for Sarah to fish or cut bait in this race: Rick Perry, and Rudy Giuliani.

I continue to doubt she will run and if she does, Palin will hope that Perry and Giuliani jump in as well.

Sarah will do well in a multi-way race in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

The GOP field to some degree is in a holding pattern, with candidates such as Palin, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani sitting on the sidelines while pondering their decisions on whether to officially get into the race. If any or all of these politicians do decide to run, the nature of Republicans’ sentiments about the candidates and whom they favor for their party’s nomination may change. At the moment, Cain and Bachmann generate the highest levels of enthusiasm among rank-and-file Republicans who recognize them, with Palin and Romney trailing them. Of the remaining announced candidates, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul do best, while Jon Huntsman, Gingrich, and Gary Johnson are lagging behind in terms of Positive Intensity.

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