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These are my links for August 16th from 14:33 to 19:30:


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Share cheating California. Are you serious?
A coalition of advocates for improved health, welfare and social services is calling for a boycott of Inc. until the giant Internet retailer drops a referendum aimed at overturning a new law requiring it to collect sales taxes on goods purchased by Californians.

At a news conference on the steps of the state Capitol on Monday, the organization, dubbed the Think Before You Click campaign, asked Amazon shoppers to cancel their accounts with the Seattle-based company. The group has launched a website,

“The $200 million in annual revenue that [the state of] California loses each year through Amazon’s tax loophole would have been enough to prevent the $90-million cut from California’s Adult Day Health Care program,” said Nan Brasmer, president of the California Alliance for Retired Americans.

The members of the coalition are Health Access, the Western Center on Law and Poverty, the California Immigration Policy Center and the California Partnership, which deals with senior citizen health issues.

The only way this campaign is going to get off the ground is with funding from the LEFT’S favorite foil, Wal-Mart.

How ironic, eh?

By the way, why aren’t they also boycotting or many of the other internet retailers who do not have a physical nexus in California?

Are they not cheating Californians too?

Really….how stupid.

Boycott efforts toward Amazon, no matter how well intentioned, might have trouble getting wide public support, said industry analyst Jordan Rohan of Stifel Nicolaus in New York City.

“I’m not sure if the emotional appeal is enough to keep people from saving money,” he said. “I don’t know how much traction they’re going to have on that…”


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Dilbert by Scott Adams

Solving the mystery fairly quickly…..

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These are my links for August 15th through August 16th:


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According to the latest Rasmussen Poll.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, the new face in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, has jumped to a double-digit lead over Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann with the other announced candidates trailing even further behind.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters, taken Monday night, finds Perry with 29% support. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, earns 18% of the vote, while Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman who won the high-profile Ames Straw Poll in Iowa on Saturday, picks up 13%.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who was a close second to Bachmann on Saturday, has the support of nine percent (9%) of Likely Primary Voters, followed by Georgia businessman Herman Cain at six percent (6%) and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with five percent (5%). Rick Santorum, former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, and ex-Utah Governor Jon Huntsman each get one percent (1%) support, while Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter comes in statistically at zero.

Sixteen percent (16%) of primary voters remain undecided.

An Uh Oh moment for the presumed front-runner Mitt Romney.

Is there any wonder why Karl Rove said last night that he exepcted others to enter the race? In fact, rumors have been plentiful today that Representative Paul Ryan is now considering the race.

Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is strongly considering a run for president. Ryan, who has been quietly meeting with political strategists to discuss a bid over the past three months, is on vacation in Colorado discussing a prospective run with his family. Ryan’s concerns about the effects of a presidential campaign – and perhaps a presidency – on his family have been his primary focus as he thinks through his political future.

Then, there continues to be the real wild card candidate, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani who likely would run, if Palin does.

Stay tuned…….


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