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Speaker John Boehner Assails Obama Over 4,257 New Regulatory Actions

8-26-11 Letter to POTUS on Regulations

Yeah, the Obama’s Administration lame ateempt to cover their tracks on business and job killing regulations is laughable.

And, Speaker Boehner is happy to call out the President.

That 4,257 in the headline looks like a made-up number but, it isn’t. It is the actual number of new regulatory actions underway at the moment. The number comes from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs web site. Speaker Boehner’s letter requesting information about these 4,257 regulatory actions comes as the Obama administration is publicly claiming that it is cutting red tape to save Americans money and reduce the government’s footprint. That claim does not square up very well with the fact that the administration has 4,257 new regulatory actions in the works. And of that staggering number, more than 200 may have an impact of $100 million or more.

Wonder if the Obama Administration will EVER respond?