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The video previously released by the Mitt Romney campaign has been pulled.
“Disgusting” isn’t too strong a word to use here. The ad isn’t a hit on policy or another candidate’s record in office. It’s a very personal hit, meant to suggesting without saying outright that the other candidate is a blithering idiot, by using selective video editing. That kind of treatment can literally be done to anyone who has ever spent any amount of time in the public eye over the past half century. It’s funny when Conan O’Brien does it as a comedy bit. Not so much, when a candidate does it to a competitor to suggest that another candidate is a fool.

I think Mitt was pissed off that Rick Perry mentioned the “illegal” gardener at the Las Vegas GOP debate last night and shot a message across the bow of Team Perry.

But, this won’t be the last nasty and ugly ad from Romney or Perry.

Republicans need to nominate someone who can challenge President Obama in a debate. Can Rick Perry?

Mitt Romney ridicules Rick Perry’s debate performances in this back-handed slap of a web video.

Looks like Mitt wants to go for a Perry knock out and early knock out at that. Well, after all, Perry is sitting on all of that campaign cash. Why give Perry any opening?

The airwaves are going to get nasty, personal and ugly pretty quick now.

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