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  • RT @ByronYork: On Cain: story is serious, but first step. High-profile allegations against political figures usually end with accusers named #
  • >Should be a feeding frenzy by media RT @JimPethokoukis: Herman Cain at AEI, tomorrow, 9 AM EST, LIVE STREAMED, BABY! #
  • > Uh Not really! RT @JRubinBlogger: That Gingrich vs. Cain debate is not exactly a face off of the feminists' dreamboats #tcot #
  • Will the Herman Cain's implosion finally urge a "Draft" candidate to run against Romney? Or, is it Romney v. Last Man Standing? #tcot #
  • Cain responds to sex harassment allegation #fb #tcot #
  • > The Beginning of the end? Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior #fb #
  • Michael Ramirez on the leaving of Iraq…..: #
  • The Sunday Flap: Today's Political Headlines: #
  • The Sunday Flap: October 30, 2011 #tcot #catcot #
  • Chris Muir and Day By Day suggest Pizza Magnate Herman Cain > Mitt Romney..: #
  • Day By Day October 30, 2011 – Outside of the Box #tcot #catcot #
  • The Ohio Dental Board drops the ball on supervising this oral surgeon…..
    : #
  • Dental Death of 13 Year Old Marissa Kingery Settled for $ 1 Million #
  • @Flap Twitter Updates for 2011-10-30 #tcot #catcot #
  • All the calls have been going to Stanford. Why don't they just give them the game and get it over. #
  • >Musberger sucks – why does ABC still employ him? RT @MattMackowiak: Musberger doing his best to ruin USC-Stanford game. #

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share save 120 16 @Flap Twitter Updates for 2011 10 31
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