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Poll Watch: Most Republicans See Mitt Romney as the Presidential Nominee

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

Republicans are most likely to predict that Mitt Romney will be their party’s 2012 presidential nominee. The 45% who believe Romney will win the nomination exceeds the combined 35% who think any other candidate will win, including 13% who say Herman Cain and 9% who say Rick Perry.

These results are based on a Nov. 2-6 Gallup poll, conducted after sexual harassment allegations against Cain surfaced. The poll shows Romney and Cain tying at 21% as the candidate Republicans say they are most likely to support for the nomination. Thus, Republicans are more than twice as likely to believe Romney will win the nomination as to prefer he be the nominee at this time.

Romney supporters overwhelmingly believe he will win. But Cain supporters are about as likely to believe Romney will win as to believe Cain will. Those who support other candidates, or who have no preference, are also inclined to believe Romney will emerge as the winner.

Frankly, after Rick Perry’s implosion last night, unless Newt Gingrich or Jon Huntsman can catch fire, the race is over – before it starts or an election occurs.

Mitt Romney will be the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.