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President 2012: Ron Paul Attacks Newt Gingrich for Serial Hypocrisy – But Does it Matter?

Probably the first of many attacks on Newt as he has become the front-runner in the GOP Presidential nomination race. But, will Ron Paul’s attack stick?

The video does not hit Newt over his recent support for amnesty, but does detail: 1) Newt’s partnership with Nancy Pelosi in support of climate change legislation; 2) Newt’s support of TARP; 3) Newt’s attack on Paul Ryan’s budget as “right-wing social engineering; 4) the fact that Newt took more than $1.5 million from Freddie Mac to lobby Congress; and 5) the fact that Newt’s think tank took $37 million from the health care companies that support individual mandates.

Paul Ryan is quoted in the ad saying, “With allies like that, who needs the left?” And Rush Limbaugh clips are prominently featured, including his claim that Newt’s attack on Ryan “supports the Obama administration.”

The video raises valid issues, but what are voter’s alternatives?

Mitt Romney, who has similar issues?

Certainly, NOT Ron Paul.

At this point, Newt Gingrich is looking like the Teflon Candidate.


  • Anonymous

    Where are you coming from when you say “Certainly, NOT Ron Paul”?  Is it the notion that America can do no wrong and is exceptional just because it is America?  Our exceptionalism comes from the ideals our country was founded on.  The electorate is starving for someone to embrace them unabashingly.  Ron Paul is that person.  We need a real choice in this election.  What direction does the American public want to take this country.  RonPaul = landslide of 1980’s proportions.  The Republican Party lost there way starting with “Teddy” Roosevelt.   Let’s help them find it again.

      • Adam

        Ron Paul is the only choice for president.  How can anybody negate the fact that Newt is a flip flopper.  I mean would you trust a friend or a family member that constantly changes their stance on specific ideas?  He is a liar and a puppet politician like most of the other Rebpublican candidates.    I mean he was leading the charge in impeachment for Clinton when he was cheating on his own wife!  Teflon candidate……..I guess even you are entitled to your beliefs but I judge my choices on honesty, and integrity. America will not last if we continue along the same route we have been heading as a nation.   I have a strong feeling that people will be very suprised come January 3rd. 

        • Gregory Flap Cole

          Ron Paul won’t be a candidate after South Carolina……maybe Florida.

          Newt may implode, then the race may be between Perry and Romney. But, it won’t be Ron Paul.

          Newt is leading in the polls despite his baggage = Teflon. Yes, I am right.