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Poll Watch: Americans Want Specific Proposals Not Vision from President Obama State of the Union Speech

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

By more than 2 to 1 — 58% vs. 27% — Americans would prefer that President Barack Obama use his State of the Union address mainly to make specific proposals for Congress to pass this year, rather than to outline his broad vision for the direction of the country. Republicans, independents, and Democrats share this view.

Most Americans — 66% — believe Congress will pass only a few of whatever proposals Obama makes in his speech, while one in four think some or more than half will pass.

Well, this will NOT happen because the President would actually have to BE for something that MAY be UNPOPULAR.

It is easier to give a teleprompter speech on economicvision and play the blame game against the Republicans in Congress. Class warfare also helps him to maintain his political base.

Look for both tonight.

What Americans really want is the President to address jobs and the economy and Obama will oblige – but not with any specific proposals, besides bashing the Republican controlled House.