Poll Watch: Americans View China as Leading Economic Power

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

Americans believe China is the leading economic power in the world today, by a significant margin over the United States. This is the second consecutive year the majority of Americans have viewed China as economically dominant; previously, China held a smaller lead. By contrast, in 2000, Americans overwhelmingly believed the U.S. was the leading economic power.

The U.S. economic downturn and the continued expansion of the Chinese economy are the likely factors behind Americans’ belief that China is the world’s top economic power.

Still, the vast majority of Americans name either the U.S. or China as the world’s leading economic power. Relatively few Americans regard Japan (7%), the European Union (3%), India (2%), or Russia (less than 1%) in those terms. Japan has ranked third in recent years, but finished ahead of China in 2000.


How far has the American economy fallen in the minds of its own people?

And, to think today the main debate in the country is whether ObamaCare should make Catholic Charities pay for birth control pills and sterilization for its employees.