Rush Limbaugh,  Stephen Colbert

Video: Stephen Colbert on the Fluke – Limbaugh Flap

In this comedic skit, not unlike Jon Stewart’s, Stephen Colbert goes after Rush Limbaugh.

In Colbert’s sarcastic rant,  I liked the personal attack on Rush regarding the fact he has been married four times.

The LEFT media cannot help themselves, can they?

Notice how there is really no discussion of the issue of religious freedom vis a vis contraception and who pays for it – I mean, after all, it is Comedy Central….


  • Gilbert Pilz

    Nice attempt to re-frame the issue but this is not about “religious freedom vis a vis contraception”. This is an issue about access to health care. As Ms. Fluke pointed out, hormone-based “birth control” has a lot of uses besides just contraception (endometriosis, fibroid cysts, etc.). At issue is whether an employer who accepts federal funding can choose to have their insurance plans not cover certain types of health care to certain classes of employees based on their beliefs.