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Day By Day June 19, 2012 – Banned Acts

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris Muir’s Day By Day today touches on California and Foie Gras.

Oh California!

How it is REGULATED….

It is farewell to foie gras on July 1st, when all restaurants in the state of California will ban the production of foie gras and opt for more humanely raised ingredients.

Restaurants throughout the state are hosting “Farewell to Foie Gras” dinners to satisfy diner’s appetites for one final taste of the savory dish.

Tim Kilcoyne, executive chef and owner of the Sidecar Restaurant in Ventura is a long-time believer in sustainable and ethical farming practices. Chef Tim will donate a portion of the proceeds of his five-course foie gras dinner to the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards—C.H.E.F.S.

Next thing the Far Left Democrat dominated California Legislature will do is to try to ban guns and plastic shopping bags…..