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Protester Dr Wisdom Teeth 600 Breaking: Trooth.Com Sends Protesters to Picket Outside Dr. Wisdom Teeth

This was breaking news yesterday and I understand the Trooth.Com protest was short-lived after Dr. Hendrickson, Dr. Wisdom Teeth, spent about 45 minutes talking with the male protester/picketer.

Apparently, the picketer thought they were there to protest a legitimate issue and left when informed as to what was going on. It is assumed that they were paid protesters, whose business is to picket.

Does anyone know who these folks are?

Could any of them be related to the Utah oral surgeons who are responsible for the Trooth.Com public awareness campaign?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Here is another photo:

Protesters out in front of Dr. Wisdom Teeth dental office

In the meantime, Dr. Wisdom Teeth, general dentist Dr. Heath Hendrickson, has issued a press release:

Dr. Wisdom Teeth Press Release 10-19-12

I don’t believe I have ever seen such a protest in front of a dental office. Usually, picketing is associated with some sort of labor action or strike by a labor union – not a group of professional colleagues.

With Dr. Hendrickson’s media release by an attorney, I have a feeling this dentistry “TURF WAR” is going to continue.

Can it get any nastier?


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Day By Day cartoon for October 20, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, I have to say that the town hall Presidential debate format with Gallup Poll selected undecided voters was an epic FAIL.

Did anyone REALLY believe those voters were undecided and there were a few “ringers” thrown in and selected to ask questions?

I don’t think this format will be used again – nor should it be.


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