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Bill Maher for Prop 37

Let’s see “Junk Science” supporters, every major California newspaper has urged a NO vote on California Proposition 37 – the misguided food labeling scheme and now Unhinged Leftist Bill Maher.

Just vote No on Prop. 37.

More information is here in my archives.

Here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Wow, I agree with Bill Maher for once!

    It is our right as consumers, to know what it is we are buying. Europe labels it and is cost effective, so what is the excuse? Don’t like people having the full information?

    How come on all long term studies done by 3rd parties with no ties to chem agriculture companies.. ALL showed massive cancers and fertility problems?

  • Which long term studies might those be?

    Have a citation?

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