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Day By Day Cartoon for November 28, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

 Chris, with the ObamaCare mandates, taxes and without a Medicaid doctor payment fix you may see physicians just cutting back on their practice and retiring from the profession.

The word is already out there to medical and dental students that massive student debt to enter these professions is NOT worth it.

This is not the way to attract the best and the brightest into such a demanding and necessary job.

Just wait….it will only get worse in 2013.

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The President went on a PR offensive with his tweet and hashtag this morning.

And, conservatives have gone on the offensive.

The White House’s ‘My2k’ hashtag campaign is a success on Twitter, trending nationally on Wednesday and stirring up debate over the upcoming tax rate deadline. But conservatives are fighting back, appropriating the hashtag and arguing their side of the debate.

The #My2k hashtag began trending nationwide on Twitter on Wednesday morning when senior members of the administration — in a coordinated effort — began tweeting about the hashtag campaign. Use surged anew after President Obama’s speech about extending middle-class tax rates, when he urged supporters to call, write, tweet at and post on the Facebook walls of their members of Congress.

But, all Speaker Boehner and the House GOP leadership have to do is pass a bill.

As I said before.

Pass an extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut and block its automatic rise from 4.2 percent of wages to 6.2 percent. To raise that tax now and scoop off the discretionary income of most of America’s families in this anemic economy makes no sense economically or politically.

The House should then vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for another year, with a pledge to do tax reform — lowering tax rates in return for culling, cutting or capping deductions for the well-to-do in the new year.

Then let Harry Reid work his will. If the Senate votes to let Social Security taxes rise, let Harry and his party explain this to the middle class that gets hammered in January. If the Senate votes to let the Bush tax cuts lapse for those over $200,000, decide in the caucus whether to negotiate — or to go home for Christmas and New Year’s.

As for the automatic sequester that would impose $100 billion in cuts next year, half in defense, do nothing. Let it take effect. The budget has to be cut, and while these cuts are heavy on defense, the depth and mixture can be adjusted in the new year.

There you go – very expedient.

But, so far, Speaker Boehner appears to be tone deaf – even from members of his own party, like Rep. Tom Cole.

Plus, Obama’s effort is actually funny:


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