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Day By Day December 11, 2012 – Back in the USSR

Day By Day cartoon for December 11, 2012


Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, what would Anatoly think about the Right to Work/Labor protests in Michigan?

Thousands of demonstrators who earlier in the day swarmed over the Capitol and its grounds to protest the state House’s passage of right-to-work legislation were virtually all gone by early evening.

Both chambers were adjourned after a raucous day that led to two arrests, one protester being pepper sprayed and the tent of a conservative group being torn down.

The two were detained after they tried to push past troopers to get inside the George Romney Building across from the Capitol where the governor has an office, State Police Capt. Harold Love told reporters.

Only a handful of protesters remained outside the Romney office building where earlier police dressed in riot gear and on horseback had to push back crowds surging from the Capitol.

Troopers guarded the Romney building in an effort to push away any right-to-work sit-ins outside Gov. Rick Snyder’s office.

Protesters were earlier staging an occupation outside the Romney building entrance and clogging up most of Capitol Avenue after the state House gave final passage to the controversial legislation.

Protesters began chanting “Hell, no we won’t go!” as troopers escorting Snyder threatened to arrest protesters who were occupying the entrance to the Romney building.

The protesters then tried to sit down and resist police from creating a pathway to the door — they were removed but not arrested as troopers pulled protesters off the ground.

The LEFT invokes the law, as long as it goes their way. If not, then it is all Saul Alinsky tactics and civil disobedience.

Remember Indiana and Wisconsin?

Anatoly should feel right at home.