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One of Sarah’s snarky responses to a bogus story that she had joined Al Jazerra America Network

Wow! A new low for the LAMESTREAM media.

Why they wish to continue to pound Sarah Palin five years after she was a failed Vice Presidential candidate is beyond me?

But, Suzi Parker should be reprimanded and her editor probably should find another line of work.


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Day By Day February 12, 2013Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, the entire gun control nonsense of the Far LEFT and the Obama Administration is going nowhere.

Blue state Senators will bellow and complain, but I doubt Harry Reid will even call up their legislation. Reid is smart enough to know that his Democratic Senators who are in red leaning states and up for re-election in 2014 will NOT want to vote for ANY gun control laws.

Obama tonight will move on to other items in his agenda – like taxes and ending the War in Afghanistan.


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