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Yes, it is Fox News’ call but Chris Wallace has been pretty ineffectual and a poor interviewer as of late. The disgraceful conduct towards Michele Bachmann yesterday is really inexcusable.

Listen to Bill Bennet’s arguments for Roger Ailes to pull the plug on Chris Wallace here.

Or here.

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My choice is S.E. Cupp.
S. E. Cupp, a conservative writer and commentator, just landed her own show Mercury Radio Arts, the Glenn Beck-owned and operated production company. If Fox is serious about incorporating Beck programming, Cupp would be a good first place to start.

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Donald Trump makes a point as he walks with former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in New York City as they make their way to a scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 31, 2010

Everyone knows this was going to happen soon. Fox News is telling Sarah Palin to either fish (run for the Presidency) or cut bait (say she isn’t and resume her commentary and her contract with Fox News.)
Sarah Palin met with officials at Fox News in midtown Manhattan for over an hour on Wednesday.

After checking out of her Jersey City hotel earlier in the day for the fourth day of her “One Nation” bus tour, Palin told a gaggle of reporters that she was en route to Boston, but added: “I’m going to go talk to my bosses at Fox first, here, though. If we can make our way through the city in a big old bus.”

Palin’s bus was later parked outside Fox’s New York headquarters for about 90 minutes around lunchtime.

It was not clear with whom Palin met, but the visit comes on the heels of a New York Magazine report that Fox News chairman Roger Ailes believes Palin is “an idiot.” Fox denied that account.

The meeting also comes amid speculation about the limits of Palin’s Fox contract, which reportedly guarantees her $1 million a year through 2012.

I think she has about 30 days before Roger Ailes gives Palin the 60 day public warning, like he gave Newt and Santorum. Although, he might have given her the 60 day warning today.

In any case, Palin has to be in or out of the Presidential race by the 4th of July.

If she travels to Iowa and/or South Carolina in that bus, I think it pretty much says she is a go.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, Fox News has its share of brunette anchors and pundits – S.E. Cupp comes to mind. 🙂

Now, about the redheads – they are definitely biased against them.


The Day By Day Archive

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