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Watch the video and continue to wonder…


Mitt Romney WILL lose to President Obama, especially after Obama-Biden 2012 portray him as the flip-flopping Wall Street parasite that he is.

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Conservative divas Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter berated Sarah Palin and her supporters tonight on The O’Reilly Factor

Ann Coulter makes a valid point in the video above and Eric Erickson nails it this morning.

What they are saying is that Sarah Palin must “fish or cut bait” on her 2012 Presidential candidacy. Either Sarah, you are in, or you are out. But, in any case, ENOUGH of the tease.

I have said for months that Sarah Palin would determine she should run, if she were a viable candidate in the polls against President Barack Obama. Poll after poll has demonstrated that she is NOT.

Sarah Palin is NOT ELECTABLE against Obama.

So, is there a role for Sarah in 2012?

Of course, and she can rehabilitate her political careeer just as richard Nixon did. But, this rehab takes time. Sarah has plenty. She runs a 1:45 half marathon and is only 47 years old. Her politcal career has a few decades – if she plays it smart.

Sarah Palin should pick a conservative candidate for President who can beat Obama (Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann), latch on, maybe take a Cabinet position when they win. Or, move back to Alaska and run for Senate in 2014. Or, move to Arizona and take McCain’s seat when he retires.

Do something and end the tease – for all of us.

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A Saturday Night Live skit which is web ONLY – did not air on television and the reason is self-explanatory

Allah is right.

This skit about Ann Coulter stinks.

With George Bush and Sarah Palin gone the left-wing NBC will either have to find a new Obama impersonator or cancel the show. SNL has been on the verge of cancellation for years and “The One’s” hatred of Obamessiah parody may indeed sink it.

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Conservative writer Ann Coulter interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer

Lauer is pretty indignant that Ann Coulter was NOT banned and that she was whining because she was merely cancelled and rescheduled for Tony Blair. We all know former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is more important than selling your latest book, Ann.

Matt Lauer is a sanctimonious left-wing fool and while he gets in some zingers against Coulter, Flap bets her book sales soar.

Coulter’s latest book, Guilty, can be purchased here.

Ann Coulter Guilty

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