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Yes, it is Fox News’ call but Chris Wallace has been pretty ineffectual and a poor interviewer as of late. The disgraceful conduct towards Michele Bachmann yesterday is really inexcusable.

Listen to Bill Bennet’s arguments for Roger Ailes to pull the plug on Chris Wallace here.

Or here.


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The audio is here and listen to it all as Bill Bennett dissects Newt Gingrich while he is still alive.

And, Jennifer Rubin takes Bennett’s knife and twists it.

It is a stunningly effective interview, revealing Gingrich to be both unprincipled and dishonest. In as pleasant a tone possible, Bennett undoes the former House speaker, eventually telling him he didn’t advance the cause of conservatism on “Meet the Press.”

Bennett was understandably not willing to write Gingrich’s epitaph. But he came close. And really, Gingrich did himself in, as he always has.

Newt, it is over….


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