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Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal’s exorcism

This is NOT good for the GOP.

Everything the media tried to pin on Sarah Palin, [Bobby] Jindal actually did: he promoted and signed a creationism bill (with help from the Discovery Institute), he took part in an amateur exorcism and claimed it cured a woman of cancer, and possibly worst of all, he pals around with people on the extreme edges of fundamentalist Christianity, and at least one person who has associated with outright neo-Nazis.

The details are here.

Flap had the creationism worry earlier today re: Mark Sanford, Tim Pawlenty, and Bobby Jindal.

And, to think, Flap was worried about Sarah Palin and her equivocation on creationism in the schools. Hell, Sarah looks pretty good compared to the others.

And, Jindal?

He will be eaten alive in a national campaign.


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