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Day By Day March 13 2013Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, this is like Obama and the Emperor who  has NO clothes.

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have had NO cover with conservatives for many years now….


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Nixon and Obama

President Obama and Nixon threaten journalist Bob Woodward

These are my news headlines and comments for February 27th through February 28th:


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Obama Crashes the Oscars

These are my news headlines for February 22nd through February 25th:


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You remember the FLAP with John McCain getting testy with Arizona constituents over questioning him on his Senate Gang of 8 immigration amnesty?

During the town hall, Senator McCain called a voter a JERK.

The above video is McCain at a subsequent being asked about the jerk comment.

One day after a confrontation at a town hall meeting in Sun Lakes, Senator John McCain held another town hall in Phoenix.
On Tuesday, an audience member of the town hall meeting fired off a string of heated questions about border security.
After attempting to answer some of the questions, Sen. McCain eventually quipped, “Occasionally I get a jerk like that guy.”
3TV asked McCain whether he regretted calling the man a jerk.
“Of course not. I call people jerks all the time, and they call me jerks. It’s supposed to be fun, loosen up,” Sen. McCain responded. “I’ve done town halls for years. They are vigorous and a little combative. That’s what it is supposed to be about. Loosen up.”

Um OK.

If an idiot politician, like McCain called me a jerk, I would be sure NEVER to vote for him again.

Arizona voters should remember this little altercation and be sure to vote McCain out of office in 2016.

And, let this be a lesson to the other Arizona Senator Jeff Flake about associating with McCain and his immigration amnesty machinations.


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