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SNL Mocks MSNBC over Obama Debate

This is hilarious as the MORONS over at MSLSD, I mean MSNBC go apoplectic over President Obama’s disastrous debate performance against Mitt Romney.

Remember Obama’s performance?

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the video now:

Keep in mind, that SNL will next week, hail the Obama comeback – regardless as to what happens in the campaign.

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The first one below is for the third quarter and calls Rick Santorum a “PUSSY” – real mature NBC.

This second one is for the fourth quarter and talks about Newt Gingrich having a big head = more name calling.

The third one, I won’t even bother, since it is just nonsense.

I understand this is supposed to be comedy, but this exercise like many over there at NBC just seem to be simple name calling of Republican POLS. Where is your parody of Obama, Lorne?

Go figure….

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Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond on SNL season finale this past Saturday

The LEFT Wing Obama Channel (NBC) cannot let the Bush and Cheney bashing go. The major objection is that it is NOT funny.

How do the words trite and hackneyed sound?

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A Saturday Night Live skit which is web ONLY – did not air on television and the reason is self-explanatory

Allah is right.

This skit about Ann Coulter stinks.

With George Bush and Sarah Palin gone the left-wing NBC will either have to find a new Obama impersonator or cancel the show. SNL has been on the verge of cancellation for years and “The One’s” hatred of Obamessiah parody may indeed sink it.

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This SNL routine with Senator McCain shows why older Pols should not try to be cool

The age and Gaydar jokes fall flat

John McCain may wish to reach out to young and independent voters but this sends a conflicting message to his GOP red state base. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan doing lame jokes about homosexuality?

The ONLY thing that will help McCain win this election will be voter dislike of Obama for his inexperience and radical left views on the issues.

Flap knows McCain was the WRONG choice for the GOP nomination and daily McCain shows why.

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