Line at San Jose Wendy’s is Now Out the Door

The San Jose community is supporting the beleaguered Wendy’s franchise where a manicured finger was found in their Chili. ABC News has the story:

What a difference a week makes. After an arrest Friday in the Wendy’s finger case and an aggressive promotional campaign, the fast food giant is on its way to recovering from an expensive and headline-grabbing nightmare.

t’s the lunchtime crowd at Wendy’s on Monterey Road in San Jose. Lines so long, some people are walking away.

Chris Combs, Wendy’s customer: “It’s too packed, too many customers here. They’re showing their faith in Wendy’s.”

The turnaround is obvious. This is what the parking lot looked like before Anna Ayala’s arrest. This is the parking lot today.

Shirley Castle, Wendy’s customer: “I think it’s great, after what they’ve gone through. It’s about time.”

And time is what Anna Ayala now faces. The charge? Attempted grand theft for her claim she found a finger in her bowl of chili on March 22nd.

Karyn Sinunu, deputy district attorney: “We believe that a defendant had a hoax, a way of making it appear that the food was tainted, and therefore make a claim and get money that she didn’t deserve.”

After police searched Ayala’s house on April 6th, the Las Vegas woman withdrew her claim against Wendy’s, and the fact that she never did make money is the reason for the “attempted” grand theft.

The charge however carries an enhancement because Ayala’s claim cost Wendy’s millions in lost sales revenue. Wendy’s customers scoff at the mere mention of Ayala’s name.

Joe Hernandez, Wendy’s customer: “Just to make money, but she’s a thief, she’s arrested. Yup, that’s what she deserves.”

The case against Ayala appears to have some missing links: such as, where did the finger come from and how did she carry out her alleged plan?

The deputy district attorney won’t talk about the evidence

Karyn Sinunu, deputy district attorney: “The people issued the case because we believe we have enough to prove she’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s what I will say about that.”

This is good NEWS!