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Retired City of Thousand Oaks City Manager Phil Gatch Cashes In

Why is Phil Gatch (the former City Manager of the City of Thousand Oaks) smiling?

Read about his perks of retirement here:

When Thousand Oaks City Manager Phil Gatch officially leaves his position in June, he will depart the city with a lump sum of money that includes more than $306,000 in sick leave and other annual leave.

In all, the city will pay the 38-year city employee $504,570.51, which includes the value of a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali for which he will give the city nearly $10,000.

The council members last month announced they accepted the resignation of the city employee credited with helping to form the look and feel of Thousand Oaks. The departure sparked controversy after Gatch told the mayor he was being pressured to leave by Councilman Andy Fox. The council voted 3-2 to accept his resignation. Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena and Councilman Ed Masry dissented.

Gatch also received, as stipulated in his contract with the city, nine months of pay totaling $158,948.08.

He will also receive $24,453.55, the amount he would have earned in accrued leave had he worked nine more months.

Part of severance package

The vacation and sick leave that will be paid to Gatch would have been owed to him no matter what time he retired, said City Attorney Amy Albano.

“It didn’t matter when he was leaving. That was part of the severance package. He was entitled to that whether he left next week or a year from now,” Albano said.

Finance Director Candice Hong called Gatch’s situation an unusual one because of his long tenure with the city.

Damn, I would be smiling too!

The Ventura County Grand Juty should look into all cities and Ventura County’s employee leave policies.

It seems further reform will be necessary.