Hawaii Changes Dental Licensure

The state of Hawaii is changing its dental licensure law. Read about it here:

The Legislature has approved sweeping changes in the way dental professionals are licensed in Hawaii, potentially allowing more dentists to practice in the state.

After years of lawsuits and challenges that questioned the fairness and validity of the state exam for dentists, the Hawaii State Board of Dental Examiners this year stopped offering the test. The test had an estimated 50 percent failure rate, significantly higher than other state or regional tests.

The board, which has administered the arduous licensing exam since the mid-1900s, last offered the test in July 2004 and is in the process of revamping it.

In a move to fast-track a new state exam, legislators passed a bill allowing the licensing board to bypass the state’s slow rule-making process and is requiring the board to administer two tests by the end of 2005.

If the board doesn’t administer the two exams, the state will accept licensure by regional exam and licensure by credential for specialists such as orthodontists and oral surgeons, meaning that a license from another state can be accepted in Hawaii in place of taking another exam. And the law has been changed so that Hawaii will accept a new national exam once it is established next year.

Licensure by Credential is the future.

Look for major changes in all USA dental licensure within three to five years.