Swarzenegger: I’ll Be Back (Campaigning Soon)!

The California Governor’s poll numbers are falling:

Californians are ticked off, they think their state is sliding downhill and they don’t trust Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to arrest the decline, according to a new poll to be published today.

“People are just in a rotten mood right now,” said Mark Baldassare, who directed the poll for the Public Policy Institute of California. “There’s no forgive and forget in them at the moment.”

California voters are frustrated and impatient. There are too many crowded roads and classrooms.

Former and recalled Governor Gray Davis was a travesty for the state and truth be told his colleagues in the Democrat controlled legislature were largely responsible – and they are still in office.

Arnold has miscalculated in attempting to negotiate with his opponents. He should have called for the Fall special election as soon as the first initiatives qualified and before the unions completed airing those highly critical television ads.

The Governinator has to learn that he has been thrust into campaign mode for the 2006 election cycle and he must run his office like he is a candidate again.

Arnold must make the unions pay for their costly negative PR campaign. He must call for the special election sooner than later.

If he wants to be re-elected in 2006, he really has no other choice.