Dan Rather: In Denial

Dan Rather is in denial:

If you didn’t see Dan Rather on Larry King last night, you missed what will surely become a classic of journalism seminars for decades to come. The transcript is here.

Rather emerged from hiding, probably thinking it would be safe to join in the Mark Felt-triggered reunion of the veterans of the Nixon Wars.

But Larry had the bad taste to ask him about the Texas Air National Guard forgeries, and Rather’s filibuster of many minutes was nothing short of remarkable. The key excerpt regarding the Rathergate forgeries:

“KING: Are you saying the story might be correct?

RATHER: Well, I’m saying a prudent person might take that view.

KING: Do you have that view?

RATHER: Well, I’m saying a prudent person might take that view.

Number two, it’s important, the panel said that this story was not — the story was not born of any personal or political bias. Now, that’s not all they said. They were very critical of CBS News, of “60 Minutes Weekday,” and of myself, very critical of us for all kinds of things that they believe we should have done that we didn’t do. And with some of those things, I do agree.

But I do hope people will keep in mind that two of their findings were what I just described to you. Wasn’t born of political or personal bias, and they could not determine whether the documents were fraudulent or not.”

RATHER: Well, I’m saying a prudent person might take that view.


The fact is the documents were clearly forgeries and your CBS News Divison was not prudent in checking the story.

CBS News and Dan Rather had a BIAS, a preconceived indictment of President Bush and ran with the story even though it was NOT true.

Dan, please retire, spare us Larry King intervies, and take your assinine views and blog over at Huffington’s Post. You will find a home there with the other Moonbats from the Leftie MSM.

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Hat Tip: Polisat for the graphic

Update #1

Political Teen has the Video of last night’s Rather interview on Larry King.